Does your mouth water when you think of a Quarter Pounder sizzling on the grill? Well, now you can invite the same savory scent into your home with McDonald’s limited edition Quarter Pounder scented candle set, along with other burger-themed merch.

What better way to stoke the flames of your Quarter Pounder passion than with some sweet McDonald’s swag?

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McDonald’s just released a 6-pack Quarter Pounder scented candle set.

For Quarter Pounder fanatics, “I’m lovin’ it” just took on a whole new meaning: McDonald’s is honoring the burger’s (nearly) 50-year anniversary by releasing a Quarter Pounder ingredients scented candle set, which includes bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and beef scented candles. Although you can light them individually, McD’s suggests burning them all at once for “maximum deliciousness.”

The six-pack candle set, which has already sold out, can only be purchased online at the Golden Arches Unlimited website. But, hey, maybe they will restock?


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McDonald’s is also selling other Quarter Pounder Fan Club merch.

Here’s what they’re selling:

  • A 2020 Quarter Pounder calendar
  • The 14k gold ‘Quarter Pounder with Love’ locket (also sold out)
  • Couples Quarter Pounder Mittens
  • A Quarter Pounder T-shirt and a pin.

Better hurry, though. The site claims there are limited quantities of each item, and they seem to be going fast.


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McDonald's Just Released a Quarter Pounder Scented Candle