And we thought the push for the McDonald’s app was a big change.

This week, McDonald’s announced it’s going to spend $6 billion on construction and modernization at its U.S. restaurants — and when the dust settles, they’ll almost be unrecognizable.

Here’s why I’m lovin’ it:

McDonald’s is upgrading all of its 14,000 U.S. restaurants by 2020.

That’s an average of more than $400,000 spent per Mickey D’s.

They won’t all look like Chicago’s tree-filled flagship store, but McDonald’s says it’s safe to assume your local restaurant will get a face-lift.

Digital self-order kiosks will eliminate human error — almost.

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You’ll still have to get your own order right.

Coffee is taking over — McCafe counters and signage will expand.

Move over, Starbucks? The Golden Arches is doubling down on coffee by making McCafe a bigger part of the restaurant experience — like it is already in other countries.

And even with the upgrades, it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll be cheaper than your Starbucks habit.

(A 16 oz. iced coffee at Starbucks runs you nearly $3.00, while a medium at McDonald’s costs $2.00 — and if you buy 5, you get one free!)

Get free food from the McDonald’s app — they’ll keep rolling out the deals.

The McDonald’s app has plenty of free (and super cheap) food deals for customers — particularly the ones who use Mobile Order & Pay.

Download the app, earn rewards, and get some serious deals — which we share in our 14 Insider Secrets You Need to Know to Save Money at McDonald’s.

Look out for new furniture and decor.

McDonald’s promises aesthetics that mix local appeal and global designs, plus counters that are better suited to being served at the table.

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McDelivery will expand to more than 5,000 McDonald’s locations.

McDelivery exists in some areas, but the partnership with Uber Eats is ratcheting up significantly.

Texas has the most restaurants getting an upgrade: 840.

There will also be big investments in California (550 restaurants), North Carolina (430), Michigan (400), Ohio (380), New York (360) and Pennsylvania (360).

Every restaurant will get special parking spots for mobile pickup customers.

If Chili’s can do it, so can McDonald’s. Be on the lookout for special parking spots for mobile orders.

But there are plenty more reasons to get the McDonald’s app — including free food!

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