Hun, I can explain! I ran to Target ’cause I just used the last of the shampoo and I was gonna come right home but then I got distracted by. . .

1. A sale on yoga pants. You know how much I’ve been thinking about working out lately.


2. A tank that really spoke my truth.


3. Common household objects shaped like animals–my kryptonite.


4. Toddler Handbags. O.M.G.


5. Drink dispensers! I got one of each, Babe! (Squeal!)


6. Maxi-dresses! (You know maxis are the only thing I love wearing more than my yoga pants.)


7. An additional 20% off the 70% off rack. I’m only human.


8. I mean, I don’t really need another pair of flats. Just kidding. I totally do.


9. Babe! Seriously! Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has clearly never been to Target.

10. I swear, I was walking straight to the shampoo when I saw these and realized little Zeus doesn’t have a doggy bow-tie! So, I got a couple.


11. And craft supplies! We don’t have any! The kids and I are totally gonna start crafting!


12. By the way, Pumpkin, chasing the kids around all day is so tiring. . . hint-hint.


13. Essential oils without the direct sales party? Heaven. Three words, Babe: Green Tea Verbena.


14. The most amazing candle for the bathroom. Seriously, Sweetie, happiness is 15 minutes alone in the candle aisle at Target.


15. And I got a new lighter for only a dollar. Don’t be afraid to use it–okay, Cowboy?


16. For only $2.99, it would be silly not to buy bulldog salt and pepper shakers.


17. I’ve always wanted to unload things from their original packaging and put them into clear plastic bins!


18. This was the price I just had to pay for bringing company.


19. A necessity for the Olaf Snow Cone maker and the party I’m now planning around it.


20. WORTH. EVERY. CALORIE. Not that it matters ’cause I’m totally working out now that I got those pants.


21. A FREE $5 Target gift card. Look who’s saving money, Honey?!


22. Is that coffee bean extract? I’ve heard it does wonders for firming skin. I’m gonna try it.


23. New summer 2015 Essie colors! Chillato? Gimme that!


24. It’s not like I’m out of makeup or anything, but these cosmetics are $2 apiece. I couldn’t not buy a few.


25. I can never decide which flavor I like the best, so I just got one of each.


26. You’ll be so proud–instead of wasting money at the snack bar, I bought a jug of lemonade. Okay, three jugs.


27. And then I was thinking, “I should probably go before I spend any more money,” and that’s when I saw a sign.

So I wanted to get in touch and let you know why I’m running late. I’ve just got a few more aisles to browse and then I’ll be right home. PROMISE!

27 Reasons I Forgot to Buy The One Thing I Went to Target For