With Black Friday right around the corner, Krazy Couponers know that the biggest savings come from cashing in on the best bargains, most often loss leaders.

Loss leader is the term for goods advertised or sold at or below cost price. The objective behind having a few of these for a sale period is to “lead” customers into the store with the premise that, once inside the store, the customers will also purchase full-priced items, making up for the profit loss.

Most shoppers will succumb to impulse buys once they are lured into the store, but Krazy Couponers know better! The best way to cut your bill is to buy multiples of an item when it’s at a rock bottom sale price and you have a matching coupon. This way you won’t have to pay full price every time you run out of a product: you can shop your stockpile instead!

When making your shopping list each week, make sure to keep an eye out for our yellow stock-up icons:

= A great price! You can stock up for up to three months’ worth of product.

= A super hot deal! The price is so good, it’s worthy of stocking up a six month supply or more!

Of course, a couponer can’t live on loss leaders alone, so if you do run out of a product before an amazing deal comes along, just make sure to pay less than retail by utilizing loyalty cards, good sales, promotions, eCoupons, clearance markdowns, and in-ad coupons.


Loss Leaders: What They Are and How to Take Advantage of Them