1. All the free stuff.

Toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, condiments, and deodorant are just some things I rarely have to pay for. I can frequently get them free with coupons at drugstores and big-box retailers like Target and Walmart. Sometimes I can even make money off these items when a coupon is worth more than the selling price.

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2. The savings.

$0.17 for a box of Tampons, $0.13 for hairspray, and $1 Carter’s baby body suits…seriously, these savings are awesome!

Even better, finding the best deals is super easy with the KCL app (free on Apple and Android phones). We do all the deal matching for you. Once you find a deal you like, literally all you have to do is click on the free coupon link to print and head to the store.


3. You rarely have to pay out of pocket.

The drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid) all have free rewards programs. Use store and manufacturer coupons on top of those rewards promotions, and you can get products for pennies. Plus, those rewards points can be used like cash for future purchases. I like to use my points to buy more products that produce rewards the following week. By doing this, I rarely have to pay out of pocket for the things I need.

At Target, there are often gift card promotions that you can stack with store and manufacturer coupons and Cartwheel offers. Just like the rewards points at drugstores, use the gift cards you earn from one deal to pay for future deals.


4. It’s easy to pay it forward.

Because I can get things (like school supplies, Kleenex, diapers, and personal hygiene items) at rock-bottom prices or free with coupons, I can afford to grab a few extra for those in need. Even though I know I won’t use an item, I’ll use a coupon for it to get it for free so I can donate it to my local refugee community or school.

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5. Last minute gifts are a cinch.

When you coupon like I do, you’re always on the hunt for deals — and not just grocery deals.

When I see a great sale or clearance item, I think about all the birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, weddings, and more in my future. And I plan ahead by buying gifts when an item goes on sale instead of waiting to rush to the store later only to pay full price.

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6. You get to try new products for free (or super cheap).

Manufacturers love to market new products by offering high-value coupons with hopes of enticing consumers to try them. And I totally love falling for their marketing strategies. Why? Because you can often find cash-back offers for the same products in rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and MobiSave.

For instance, the Saline Soothers in the image above were on sale (BOGO free at Rite Aid) the same time a $1 off manufacturer coupon was being offered. On top of that, I submitted my receipt for a $1 rebate offer from Checkout 51. In the end, I only paid $0.50 for a pack that normally costs $3.



7. You adopt a frugal mindset and start saving in all aspects of life.

Matching sales with coupons and special promotions works out your brain in one of the best possible ways; it forces you to find creative solutions to saving money. And once you’ve felt that awesome sense of accomplishment after saving on groceries, you search for other ways to save — on everything.

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8. You can get better quality stuff for cheap.

There’s nothing like the clean scent of Tide, but without coupons, expect to pay around $10 for 50 oz. Ouch. However, when you use coupons on top of sale prices, Tide can be as cheap as $3!

No longer will you have to buy the generic version of a product because the good stuff is too expensive. With coupons, you get the best without blowing your budget.


9. I can teach my kids how to live frugally.

My daughter loves to help me clip coupons. She even knows how to read price tags and compare product costs. By couponing, I’m not just saving my family money, I’m showing the youngest members how to have a healthy financial future.

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10. No membership fees.

Costco has some great savings on bulk items, but you can often get the same products for way cheaper with coupons elsewhere. Plus, you won’t have to pay a yearly membership fee just to save your family some money.

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