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The world is experiencing the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Luckily for some, about 80,000 land in the United States every year. And with little to no possessions when they arrive, these new Americans need all the help they can get.

Here at the Krazy Coupon Lady headquarters in Boise, Idaho, we’ve partnered with the International Rescue Committee to donate all the everyday essentials we get from coupon deals to help out our new neighbors.

We encourage you to do the same in your communities this holiday season—by either donating to your local refugee resettlement center or directly to those in need.


Who are refugees and where do they come from?

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

More than half of the world’s refugees are children under the age of 18, and 78% of the displaced persons entering the U.S. have been women and children.

Refugees come from all over the world and leave their home countries to escape war, natural disasters, persecution, and poverty. Most new arrivals in the United States come from Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.


Donate to trusted organizations in your community.

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

If you’d like to help refugees or immigrants abroad or review where other crises are, check out the following resources:

Donate items that refugees need the most.

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees
Refugees know how to use personal hygiene and household products, but frequently can’t afford them. When faced and haunted by unimaginable circumstances and extreme poverty, they often have to choose between food, water, shelter, and these luxury items. Which would you choose?

When you see a stock-up price for the things we consider everyday essentials, consider buying a few extra for those in need.

  • Deodorant
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Toothpaste
  • Body soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Detergent
  • Toilet paper
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Backpacks
  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Shoes
  • Coats

Personal hygiene items

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

Giving items like these helps refugees look good and improve their confidence!

Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid often have store rewards promotions (like Plenti Points at Rite Aid and Balance Rewards at Walgreens) that can be used in combination with manufacturer and store coupons for huge savings. For example, we scored Speed Stick deodorant for $0.49 at Rite Aid and better-than-free toothpaste at CVS when we stacked coupons, sales, and promotions. Walmart and Target also frequently have great deals on personal hygiene items—so when you see the prices below, stock up and donate!

Stock-up prices for personal hygiene items:

  • Deodorant
    • Men’s Deodorant: $0.40-$0.55
    • Women’s Deodorant: $0.55-$0.75
  • Feminine hygiene products
    • Pads, 18 count: $0.25-$0.55 per package
    • Pantiliners, 18 count: $0.30-$0.45 per package
    • Tampons, 18 count: $1.25-$1.50 per package
  • Toothpaste: Free-$0.50 each
  • Body soap
    • Men’s Body Wash: $0.75-$1
    • Women’s Body Wash: $1-$1.25
  • Shampoo and conditioner: $0.50-$0.75 per bottle

Household items

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

Everyone knows how expensive good detergent and toilet paper can be without coupons! These high-dollar items are staples that many can’t afford.

Drugstores are ripe with laundry detergent and toilet paper deals. Each week, Krazy Coupon Lady publishes at least three toilet paper and detergent deals at national retailers, so be sure to download the free KCL app so you don’t miss them! Then just follow the step-by-step instructions in each deal to save 50-70% on the retail price.

Stock-up prices for household items:

  • Detergent: $0.99-$1.35 per bottle or 32 count pods
  • Toilet paper: $0.18-$0.23 per roll


Baby items

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

Oftentimes, refugees are single moms with multiple children. Donating any extra baby supplies gives our youngest new neighbors a better start in life.

Once a month, you can find Huggies for under $3.50 per pack and Pampers for under $5 per pack at drugstores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS. And at Target, you can stack a manufacturer coupon, a store coupon, a gift card offer, a Cartwheel offer, and a redCard discount on the purchase of one item—especially diapers and wipes. Learn more about using coupons at Target in How to Coupon at Target.

Stock-up prices for baby items:

  • Diapers
    • Size nb-2: $0.15 per diaper
    • Size 3-6: $0.20 per diaper
  • Wipes: $1.15 per package

School supplies

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

We all know how stressful the first day of school can be as a new student. Donating any school supplies goes a long way and can help students feel confident in the classroom.

The second week of July through the last week of August is back-to-school shopping season and when you’ll find the lowest school-supply prices all year long. Take advantage of loss leaders (items stores sell at cost or even under cost in an effort to lure you into the store in hopes you’ll fill your shopping cart with other, more expensive items) and plan to head to the store at least once a week during peak back-to-school shopping season to catch all the best deals—especially at stores like Walmart, Target, and Staples.

Stock-up prices for back-to-school items:

  • Backpacks
    • Basic Backpack: $3.50
    • Name-Brand Backpacks: 50% Off
  • Pencils
    • Wood, Generic: $0.05 each
    • Pencils, Premium: $0.15 each
    • Mechanical Pencils: $0.10 each
  • Paper
    • Filler Notebook Paper: $0.75 each
  • Pens
    • Stick Pen: $0.07 each
    • Retractable Pen: $0.25
  • Notebooks
    • Composition Notebook: $0.50 each
    • 1 Subject Spiral Notebook: $0.17 each
    • 3 Subject Spiral Notebook: $1.00 each
    • 5 Subject Spiral Notebook: $1.50 each


Clothing and shoes

How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees

Many refugees come from countries with much warmer climates than we have here in the United States, and unfortunately, appropriate cold-weather clothing and shoes tend to be unaffordable for many new Americans.

You can help by donating your gently worn clothing and shoes or by stocking up when retail prices for apparel are lowest:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays. Generally, new advertised sales launch Friday to target weekend traffic, and clearance markdowns typically start Tuesday at most retailers.
  • Buy summer clothes in September and winter clothes and coats in February. Save over 70% when retailers start marking down seasonal apparel.
  • Get the best discounted gift cards in January. For easy savings, use discounted gift cards to buy apparel at major retailers. For instance, buy a gift card worth $50 for only $45. January is when most people sell their unwanted holiday gift cards to sites like Raise.com, so snatch the best ones up as soon as you see them!


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How to Donate Stockpile Items to Refugees