Target subscriptions are a lot like Amazon Subscribe & Save. By agreeing to automatically reorder an item at regular intervals, you can save an extra 5% on the online price. It’s especially great for household staples that don’t last, like paper towels, beauty products, detergent, and pet food.

Target subscriptions may be a thing of the past, but you should definitely bookmark the KCL Target deals page and read up on How to Coupon at Target.


Signing up is a breeze.

To sign up for Target Subscriptions, all you need to do is create a new account or sign in to your account and go to the subscription page. Items that are eligible for subscription display a checkbox (as pictured above). Just click the box to add it to your subscription.


It’s easy to manage your account.

The schedule is extremely flexible; I set mine for once a month. But if I don’t need something that month, I just log in to my account and click “Skip next shipment.” I can always return any item via the mail or just take it back to my local store. Lastly, before Target ships you your next order, they send you an email letting you know your subscription is coming up, so you can always make any adjustments needed.


Save an additional 5% by using your Target REDcard.

In addition to the automatic 5% subscription savings, if you use a Target REDcard you can save an extra 5%. Not a REDcard holder? Here’s everything you need to know before signing up.


Change or cancel your subscriptions online.

Your subscription is NOT set in stone—you can change it as needed for convenience and added discounts. Just log in to your account to manage your subscriptions.

My monthly box is never the same, because I’m swapping things out all the time. For example, my son doesn’t care what kind of shampoo he uses, so if I see a deal, I jump on it! Keeping my subscription box semi-fluid helps save a lot of money quickly. Read on to see some examples of how I’m maximizing my savings.


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Keep your eyes peeled for gift card promotions.

Target’s offers rotate all the time! Often, Target will include a free gift card when you purchase select items. Most of the time you need to purchase at least two of the eligible items.


Slash the price with discount codes.

Watch for discount codes on certain products/brands. If an item is eligible for a promotion, it will be clearly mentioned on the item’s description page. Certain items will say “save up to 25%,” or use a discount code to save even more.

Note: the promo code/discount will only apply to your first shipment. If you choose to continue this specific subscription, then you only receive the 5% off, not the additional savings.


Here are some items to automatically reorder with Target Subscriptions.

I’ve found that ordering some items monthly saves me money. Please note that prices are subject to change at any moment.

Here are some examples of ways I save:

Kitty Litter: Arm & Hammer Double Duty Advanced Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter

Target Subscriptions: $8.07 ($0.31/oz)
Walmart: $8.49 ($0.32/oz)
Amazon Prime: $17.94 ($0.89/oz)
PetSmart: $9.99 ($0.38/oz)

Paper Towels: Bounty Select-A-Size White Paper Towels 12 Mega Rolls

Target Subscriptions: $15.19 ($1.33/mega roll)
Walmart: $16.77 ($1.39/mega roll)
Amazon Prime: $20.99 ($1.75/mega roll)

Toothpaste: Colgate Great Regular Flavor Toothpaste 6 oz. 2 ct.

Target Subscriptions: $3.32 ($1.66/tube)
Amazon Prime: $9.74 ($4.87/tube)
Walmart: $11.88 ($5.94/tube)


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Everything You Need to Know About Target Subscriptions