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You’re probably not heading to McDonald’s with salad on your mind, and apparently they’ve noticed. The chain’s been serving salads since 1987, but the item mysteriously disappeared from the menu this April.

Weirdly enough, not that many customers took notice, as the change has only recently been reported on by sites like Business Insider. I guess most people prefer a juicy Big Mac to a fast food salad.

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McDonald’s salads have been off the menu since April.

In an attempt to phase out less popular menu items, McDonald’s has totally gotten rid of their salads. The restaurant has had salads on their menu for years, like their Salad Shakers and the Premium Southwest Salad.

Sadly though, it looks like the chain has completely gotten rid of their salads for good.


All-day breakfast at McDonald’s is also a thing of the past.

In addition to their decision to get rid of salads, McDonald’s has also gotten rid of their all-day breakfast choices. While the disappearance of salads went mostly unnoticed, this did get more backlash on social media.

They’ve also cut out some other less-popular items, like grilled chicken sandwiches and yogurt.


Some classic McDonald’s items are coming back.

If you’re bummed out about the random disappearances of salads and all-day breakfast, you might be happy to know that some older McDonald’s options are coming back to the menu. Chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream cones, and the Bacon McDouble are all back at the burger chain.

Plus, the super-popular McRib is back for a limited time. That might help you forget about the sudden disappearance of all-day breakfast and salads.


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McDonald's Salads Have Gone Missing Since April. Have You Noticed?