Most of the country is caught in the grip of some pretty crazy winter weather, causing all sorts of problems like traffic crashes and power outages.

The storms have caused Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and other stores to temporarily close.

Is my Walmart closed? Is Costco shut down due to winter weather?

Here’s what you need to know:


Walmart has created a ‘Store Status’ map.

Walmart has built a map that gives the status of all 5,300 or so of Walmart/Sam’s Club locations, giving the up-to-date status of each location.

If your Walmart isn’t represented by a red dot, it’s still open.

With additional extreme weather forecast for the Midwest, keep an eye on the map for changes.


As of Feb. 16, nearly 400 Walmart/Sam’s Club stores are closed.

The 390 closures represent around 8% of all stores nationwide — including Walmart’s flagship Supercenter in their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. The number grew even as this story was being written.

Most of the closures stretch between Nashville, Tennessee and Houston, Texas, with Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi affected.


Costco has closed some stores in Texas due to the weather.

Eight Costco warehouse stores closed in Texas due to the weather, with no word yet as to when they’d reopen.

Check out Costco’s up-to-date store closures list.


Other stores are reducing their hours.

In the same central-south region of the country, stores such as Kroger, Target, Albertsons, and H-E-B have closed stores, reopened, and then reduced hours. There’s no central map, so check with your local store.

And Amazon also closed their Dallas-Fort Worth delivery operations to keep drivers off the frozen roads. Now would be a great time for those Amazon drone deliveries.



Don’t expect delivery services to be running in affected areas.

While you probably won’t be able to place that Instacart order — either due to super-high demand or a lack of drivers in the inclement weather — you won’t be totally out of luck.

Even on Walmart’s map, most closed locations have an open store less than 15 minutes away. If you’re desperate (and can drive slowly and safely), you’ll find an open store.


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Has Your Walmart or Costco Closed Due to the Winter Weather?