Update: Target Cartwheel is now Circle, and while Circle offers are comparable to Cartwheel offers, there are some notable differences, like the ability to earn 1% cash back on every purchase. Learn how Target Circle works.

Target just announced that we can use Cartwheel offers with online orders! AT. LAST.

But before you go spend-crazy, read on:


1. Cartwheel offers won’t work if you have your stuff shipped to you — Store Pickup only!

It’s OK — you didn’t really want to pay for shipping anyway.


2. You won’t see the offer show up on your order until after you select FREE Store Pickup at checkout.

Don’t panic — the discount will show up!



3. You can still get gift card promos — but it’s a better deal to shop in store.

While you can get the gift card promos, they take off the amount of the gift card from your purchase before factoring in the Cartwheel offer.

For example, Cartwheel offers 5% off Kandoo Wipes + a $20 gift card with purchase of over $100 of baby diapers and wipes.

Here’s how it works:

  • Kandoo Wipes ($13.99) and Bulk Up&Up Diapers (3 at $28.99 each) total $100.96
  • The Kandoo wipes are $13.99 — 13.8% of the total price
  • 13.8% of the free $20 Gift Card: $2.77
  • $13.99 – $2.77 = $11.22
  • The 5% Cartwheel discount is then applied to $11.22 = $0.56

So — $0.56 would be the 5% taken off your order. In-store purchases would just take the 5% off the $13.99, a slightly bigger discount.


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Finally — Target Lets You Use Cartwheel for Online Orders!