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Need that Starbucks fix before doing some Black Friday shopping? Trying to take a break from the holiday dinner? Generally addicted to caffeine? Whatever your reason, you wanna know if Starbucks is open on Thanksgiving.

Starbucks stays open on a lot of holidays, but to make sure you can get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or one of the Starbucks holiday drinks before entertaining relatives or cooking, read on.

We know how to find out if your local Starbucks is going to be open, what their hours are going to be, and even how to beat the Starbucks price increase on your Thanksgiving order.

If you aren’t planning on cooking at all during Thanksgiving, there are so many restaurants open on Thanksgiving that’ll get you through the holiday.


Is Starbucks open on Thanksgiving?

person holding a large starbucks hot beverage outside entrance

Yes, your local Starbucks will be open on Thanksgiving. This means you can get all your favorite Starbucks holiday drinks on Thanksgiving.

Starbucks locations that are inside grocery stores like Target and Safeway will only be open if the grocery store is open. Stores like Target will be closed, while Safeway is open for limited hours.

There are many grocery stores open on Thanksgiving if you missed out on getting all your groceries for dinner.


What are the Starbucks Thanksgiving hours?

starbucks barista with headset handing drink to customer

The hours of operation depend on your Starbucks, so check your local Starbucks to see what their hours are going to be like on Thanksgiving. But generally speaking, we expect Starbucks to have a shorter than usual day, opening at 6 a.m. and closing at 7 p.m. on Thanksgiving.



What are Starbucks Black Friday hours?

Looking to get a necessary dose of caffeine before hitting the stores (or camping in front of the computer for a day of online shopping)? You’ll find Starbucks Black Friday hours to be the same as any regular Friday hours at your location. In most cases, that’s 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Get into the Thanksgiving spirit and split a Venti Starbucks with a family member — and save $1.

venti iced sugar cookie almond milk latte split into two cups with hand

An easy way to save money and get into the giving spirit is to get a Venti and split it into two Tall cups. A 20-oz Venti latte at Starbucks will cost you $4.95 while a 12-ounce Tall latte at Starbucks will cost you $3.95. That’s a $1 savings, and you only lose two ounces per drink.


Get ready for ‘Starbucks for Life’ game at the end of November.

Someone picking up a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte from a counter with rewards sticker on it.

You can get free Starbucks added to your Starbucks Rewards account when you play the “Starbucks for Life” game that begins at the end of November (after Thanksgiving).

Right now, you can play the “Starbucks for Life” game to prepare for the release of the game. At the beginning of next year, winners will be announced and prizes will be distributed. You can enter in the raffle twice every day by playing at least twice a day.

Prizes include free Starbucks for life, free Starbucks for a year, 15,000 bonus “Stars,” and even an exclusive “Starbucks for Life” tumbler.



Is Starbucks Open on Thanksgiving & Black Friday?