Most Krazy Couponers can’t keep their savings techniques to themselves. Even here at KCL there’s the Brag Lounge, right?

Well, take that bragging a step farther and introduce a coupon-newbie to this Krazy world of savings.

Not sure where to start? Direct friends and family to the Beginners section at KCL. Consider picking up a copy of the “Coupon Bible,” Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey, as a gift.

Creating a group of like-minded couponers in your neighborhood, PTA group, or church means more coupons to trade, more people to help shop, and a greater stockpile to help those in need.

It also pays to have coupon buddies that help shoppers stay motivated to save and compete for the greatest savings.

As it’s nearly impossible to hit every drugstore, supercenter, and grocery store each week, try splitting the list with a new-to-couponing friend. Getting deals for each other helps save time and fuel costs.


Extreme Couponing Tip: Recruit and Educate Beginners