Did you know that manufacturers have programs to reward loyal customers? Generally these loyalty programs are based on collecting codes found inside the product package. To join these programs:

  1. Create an account on the manufacturer's reward program website.
  2. Buy the product.
  3. Enter your codes to earn points.

It's that simple. Each company has an online rewards catalog. You can redeem your points for rewards like t-shirts, magazine subscriptions, lunch bags, contest entries, or you can save up.  I do this and get the ultimate reward, a coupon for a free product. Here are some examples:

Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards

  • You'll find a code printed inside each box or bag of Lean Cuisine.
  • Codes are worth 20 points each.
  • You can enter up to 10 codes per day.
  • Earn bonus points by filling out a short survey each month.
  • Redeem 500 points for a coupon for a free Lean Cuisine.

Huggies Rewards

  • Reward codes are printed inside every package.
  • Some packages also include an "Offer Code" which is a limited time offers to earn bonus points.
  • Earn extra points by reading specially marked tips on the Huggies website.
  • For 300 points you can get a coupon for a Huggies diaper jumbo pack.
  • 337 points can be redeemed for a Pull-ups Training Pants jumbo pack coupon.

Fresh Step Paw Points

  • Codes are printed inside boxes and bags of litter. Codes in plastic pails of litter are located on the brochure inside the pail.
  • Point values vary based on the size of the product you buy.
  • Redeem 300 points for a Fresh Step $3 off coupon.
  • Keep saving and use 500 points for a free 14 lb box of scoopable litter.

Zyrtec: Your ZNA Rewards

  • A code is in every Zyrtec package.
  • You can enter one code every 30 days.
  • According to the program rules "Rewards are made up of 3 elements including a ZYRTEC® coupon, an offer from a partner of Sponsor (“Reward Partner”) and allergy care-related content.
  • You may select one reward for each code you enter.
  • Zyrtec's reward partners are Eastbay, Cabelas, Gardners Supply Company, Burpee, National Pet Pharmacy, Ped Food Direct, Solutions and Allergy Buyers Club.

Stouffer's Dinner Club

  • Codes are printed inside packages of Stouffer’s products.
  • Codes are worth 20 points each.
  • Earn bonus points for taking surveys and polls.
  • Right now they are offering 100 bonus points for joining.
  • Redeem 500 points for a coupon for a free Stouffer’s single-serve entrée.

Other Programs

These additional programs give you an idea of the wide variety of products that have code-based loyalty programs.

  • Vitamin and supplement companies with reward programs include Schiff Loyalty Rewards and Nature Made Wellness Rewards.
  • Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards
  • Stoneyfield Organic: My Stoneyfield Rewards
  • Biore Skincare: Prove It! Rewards
  • Hanes Comfort Rewards

It doesn't take that much effort to enter the codes. I usually accumulate a stack of codes and then enter them all at one time. The hardest part is getting into the habit of saving the codes and training everyone else in the house to save them too. Through these types of programs I've already received 6 coupons for free Lean Cuisine entrees, a $7 off coupon for Zyrtec, several Stouffer’s free entrée coupons, close to a dozen free 12-packs of soda, and I’m well on my way to earning a free box of cat litter.

Inevitably, when I use my free coupons, the checkout clerk will ask me how I scored that great coupon. So what are you waiting for? Head out to your stockpile and check those packages to see how many loyalty programs you've been missing out on.

This has been a guest post by Laurie from Auburn, CA
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Loyalty Programs: Get Free Stuff by Collecting Codes