Most shoppers have favorite go-to stores for the majority of weekly purchasing needs. Do you know every potential savings program your stores have to offer? Take a few minutes to learn all of your stores’ programs and realize even more savings.

Don’t memorize every weekly promotion. Rather, learn what programs are in place. It's so easy to get caught up clipping coupons that we overlook potential savings.

Check out these savings programs:

Savings Cards/Loyalty Cards: Provide instant cash discounts on hundreds of items throughout the store. Also receive e-mail alerts with additional savings you can load on your card and redeem before a deadline. Example: Shop Rite Price Plus Savings.

In-Store Promotion or Sweepstakes Rewards: Store promotions that reward shoppers through a sweepstakes or product offering. Purchase qualifying products and earn cash reward points, free kitchenware, coupons or cash prizes. Example: Albertsons Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway.

Electronic Coupons: Digital coupons you can add directly to your store savings card to help lower your grocery bill in addition to other coupons you plan to use during on your shopping trip. Example: Vons Just 4 U Program.

Mobile Coupons: Coupons sent to you via text message. Use when checking out. Example: Target Mobile Coupons.

Cash Register Rewards: Issued with the purchase of a qualifying product. Rewards are printed on register receipts or on Catalinas. Use rewards just like cash on future transactions. Example: Walgreens Register Rewards or Rite Aid +Up Rewards.

Beauty Club Rewards: Issued when spending a qualifying amount on beauty products. Example: $5 CVS Beauty Club Reward earned after spending $50 on beauty products.

Video Value Rewards: Coupons issued for watching qualifying video for a specific product. Example: Rite Aid Ad Perks Videos.

Earned Points Rewards: Issued throughout the year and offer a percentage back on everyday purchases online or in-store. They also regularly send high-value coupons and provide gift certificates redeemable after rewards point levels are met. Example: CVS Quarterly Extra Rewards, PetSmart $5 Pet Perks gift certificates, and Dicks Sporting Goods $15 gift certificates.

Health-Related Rewards: Earn rewards based on medication purchases through a store's pharmacy. Issued based on meeting a specified dollar amount. Many stores hold inexpensive flu immunization clinics and conduct youth sports physicals. Others hold annual health fairs, where free blood-work screenings and health-related products are no charge. Example: Rite Aid Free Cholesterol Screening Blood Tests At Local Diagnostic Labs, CVS double rewards on diabetic-related products, and Walgreens health fairs.

Reusable Bag or Tag Rewards: Bring reusable bags or bag tags for instant savings or rewards after a certain number of visits. Example: 5c off each reusable bag or $1 Green Bag Tag Rewards at CVS.

Price Ad-Matching: Stores may match the price of products offered for less at competitive stores. Bring a copy of the current ad, and the store will meet the competitor’s price at checkout. Example: Walmart Ad-Match Guarantee and Target Low Price Promise.

Birthday Rewards: Earn free rewards in honor of your special day! Example: $15 JCP Birthday rewards and Kohl's $10 birthday rewards good for most items in their stores.

Recycling Rewards: Earn quarterly rewards for recycling empty inkjet cartridges. Example: Staples $2.00 Reward for each ink jet cartridge you recycle.

Catalina/Your Bucks Programs: Combine store sales with Catalina promotions and save even more on future purchases. Example: Coupon Network's YourBucks Program.

In-Store Rebates: Instant or mail-in, these rebates provide partial or full rebates on qualified products purchased. Example: Rite Aid Single Check Rebates and Walgreens Mail-In Monthly Rebates

Free Shipping/Ship To Store Options: Order online and check to see if free shipping is available on your purchase. Use an online discount code to reduce total cost or ship to local store for free pickup. Example: Walmart, Best Buy and Sears Ship to Store Free programs.

Coupon Machines: Only CVS offers an instant coupon machine. Delivers discounted product coupons to stack with other coupons. Example: $5 off any beauty product purchase of $15 or more.

Gas Savings Rewards: Earn cents-off gas purchases for spending and earning points at certain stores. Example: Ralphs and Shell Fuel Rewards Program.

Store Credit Cards: Earn free groceries or a percent off your total purchase by using a credit card issued by your store. Example: Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Card and Target RED card.

This has been a guest post by Deborah from San Diego, CA
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