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Black Friday sales seem to start earlier and earlier — so early that it appears October is the new Black Friday season. We’ve seen sales transitioning from a single day after Thanksgiving to multi-week extravaganzas that require calendars to plan. But with all the changes in sale start dates, when do Black Friday ads come out?

The answer is complicated. It varies by store and some stores don’t even stick to the same schedule each year. We see many Black Friday ads drop in late October while some Black Friday purists — we’re looking at you, Home Depot — still wait until nearly Thanksgiving to unveil the good stuff.

But don’t worry. Based on the past few years of Black Friday ad releases, we can still make pretty solid predictions for when to expect ad drops from your favorite stores. Below you’ll find all of our best educated guesses on when to start checking for those ad scans in 2024. Spoiler alert: We expect a couple of the big ones on Nov. 1, 2024.

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When do Black Friday ads come out in 2024?

We see Black Friday ads drop as early as Oct. 23 all the way up to Nov. 24, with Costco and JCPenney usually leading the pack. Some retailers wait til closer to Black Friday, like GameStop and Best Buy. Here’s when we think Black Friday ads will come out based on past trends.

When is the Walmart Black Friday ad coming out?

Walmart Black Friday has been a multi-week event for the past few years. We predict that you’ll see the first Black Friday announcement ad on Nov. 15, 2024. After that, we’ll likely see a weekly drop with new deals added all the way up until Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When does the Best Buy Black Friday ad come out?

Expect to see the early Best Buy Black Friday ad drop on Oct. 25, 2024, for My Best Buy Members. Then the general public can shop just a few days later, likely on Nov. 28. Then in mid-November, we’ll see the official Black Friday ad, and deals begin. It’s usually released a week before Black Friday.

When will the Kohl’s Black Friday ad be released?

Kohl’s releases their Black Friday deals a little earlier, as they tend to have deals spread throughout the month. In 2024, we expect to see the Kohl’s Black Friday ad released on Nov. 1 or Nov. 8, 2024, stay tuned. . .

When will Target release its Black Friday ad?

In the past, Target has released its official Black Friday ad the week before the big day. We predict they’ll follow this pattern in 2024. So while we know they’ll do several weeks of Black Friday deals (we predict deals will start Nov. 1, 2024), expect the *official* ad a week before Black Friday, which would put the Target Black Friday ad release date around Nov. 21, 2024.

When will the Lowe’s Black Friday ad be released?

Lowe’s Black Friday ad isn’t as predictable from year to year. We usually see it earlier in the season, though, as they run sales throughout the month just like Kohl’s. Based on 2023, Lowe’s Black Friday ad will drop on Oct. 25, 2024, along with early deals available online and in stores.

When will the Home Depot Black Friday ad be released?

Home Depot regularly drops its Black Friday ad the day before Thanksgiving. If the pattern stays the same, you should look for this year’s Home Depot Black Friday ad on Nov. 27, 2024.

When will Ulta release its Black Friday ad?

We’re predicting Ulta will release its 2024 Black Friday ad on Nov. 20. Make sure you don’t miss this ad — Ulta Black Friday deals can be pretty incredible!

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When will JCPenney release its Black Friday ad?

For the past couple of years, JCPenney dropped its Black Friday ad on Nov. 1 and we’re predicting that we’ll see the same thing this year. Expect the JCPenney Black Friday ad on Nov. 1, 2024.

When will GameStop release its Black Friday ad?

GameStop used to release its Black Friday ads all last minute. In 2021, you literally had to wait until Thanksgiving, which was the same day the sale started. In 2022, it showed up a little earlier on Nov. 20, and in 2023 even earlier on Nov. 18. Based on that, we predict the GameStop Black Friday ad will arrive on Nov. 22, 2024.

When will Costco release its Black Friday ad?

The Costco Holiday Savings flier will definitely be released sometime at the end of October. As for a specific date? Based on the last three years, we’re putting our money on the Costco Black Friday ad dropping on Oct. 18, 2024.

When will Meijer release its Black Friday ad?

The Meijer Black Friday ad is usually released two weeks before Thanksgiving. We predict it will drop on Nov. 14, 2024.

When will Sam’s Club release its Black Friday ad?

Sam’s Club gives us nearly a month of Black Friday and you’ll find all the deals in their monthly flier. But be on the lookout for the official Sam’s Club Black Friday ad drop on Nov. 16, 2022.

When is the Macy’s Black Friday ad coming out?

Macy’s threw us a curveball in 2023. They typically release their ad in very late October and so we were expecting it as early as Oct. 23. But that day came and went without a word from Macy’s. Then on Nov. 6, 2023, they released their ad for Early Access deals. Based on that, we predict we’ll see a Macy’s Black Friday ad drop on Nov. 11, 2024.



When do Black Friday sales start?

two women carrying a hisense smart tv at target

That’s another complicated question. First, many stores start their early Black Friday deals a few weeks before Black Friday. Some stores come out of the gates with huge discounts during the first week of the sale, while other stores wait and drop the big ones the week of Black Friday. We dedicated a post to the Black Friday week schedule and also have a calendar for Black Friday predictions.

Here are some notable start dates and predictions:

  • PREDICTED: Target will probably launch their Black Friday sales on Nov. 24, 2024, with early deals starting on Nov. 1, 2024.
  • PREDICTED: Walmart’s Black Friday sale will officially begin on Nov. 22, 2024.
  • PREDICTED: The Amazon Black Friday sale will begin Nov. 22, 2024.