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1. Strawberries soaked in a vinegar-water bath will last a week longer.

Soak strawberries in three parts water and one part vinegar for 5-10 minutes. Allow to dry completely (do not rinse!) before storing in their original, breathable plastic box.

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2. Onions stored in panty hose can last up to eight months.

Tie knots in the panty hose between individual onions and hang vertically in your pantry so each onion is protected and has room to breathe.


3. Salad kept in a pillowcase in your refrigerator will stay crisp longer.

Having one of your kids swing the pillowcase around in circles also helps to dry salad greens.

Note: Simply putting a paper towel in with your mixed greens in storage will keep salad fresh. Like a pillowcase, a paper towel will help collect excess moisture and condensation.

4. Cheese wrapped in a vinegar-soaked cloth won’t mold.

Soak a soft natural cloth (cheesecloth, a thin washcloth, even burlap or muslin) in vinegar. Wrap the cheese in the cloth. Place the cheese with cloth in an airtight storage container. Refrigerate until ready to use.

5. Tomatoes stored at room temperature will have a better flavor and texture.


Don’t put tomatoes in the fridge! The cold air prevents them from fully ripening and causes a mealy texture.

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6. Chopped green onions stored in an empty water bottle in the freezer will last up to three weeks.

Dry and chop up leftover green onions and store in a clean, empty plastic bottle in your freezer as an alternative to freezer bags. Just grab and pour into your favorite dishes when you need them—no spoon required.

7. Natural nut butters stored upside down will stay conveniently creamy.

Natural almond and peanut butters usually separate when kept in storage. Avoid constant stirring by flipping your jar upside down, making sure the lid is tightly screwed on first.

8. Mushrooms stored in a paper bag will be slower to mildew.


Via Tofugu

The paper will help absorb moisture and stop sliminess.

9. Basil will stay fresh when trimmed and placed in cool water.

Cover with a loose plastic bag and replace the water when it gets cloudy.

10. Chips, crackers, and cereal won’t go stale in your freezer.

Place opened cereal and snacks in freezer bags or wrap them in plastic wrap. Wrap them again in aluminum foil to help protect the crackers from moisture and freezer burn. You can freeze these snacks for up to six months and they’ll still taste fresh and crisp—just be sure to allow them plenty of room in the freezer so they don’t break!

11. Red spices like cayenne and paprika will have richer flavors and colors when refrigerated.



Exposure to heat and light causes deeply pigmented spices like cayenne, paprika, and chili powder to lose flavor and color quickly. Store them in the refrigerator especially if you live in a warm climate.

12. Celery wrapped in foil will stay crisp for weeks.

Storing celery in foil helps keep just the right amount of moisture in without being too airtight so ethylene gas can’t be released.


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