To help you start earning extra money, here are the stories of 6 moms who made Swagbucks work for them (in a big way).

Tiffany got a 3 month supply of diapers ($100) for free by using Swagbucks Search during her second pregnancy.

Tiffany, a busy stay-at-home mom, got into Swagbucks a year ago during her second pregnancy. “I just set Swagbucks as the default search engine on both home computers.” This small change in how she searched the web (just like you would on Google) helped her earn 1,000 SB per month. She saved up her points over her pregnancy and cashed out for a $100 Amazon gift card, which Tiffany later used on a hot Huggies deal!


Aline watched videos while clipping coupons and earned a $5 Walmart gift card every month.

Aline multiplied her earnings by playing cooking videos while clipping grocery coupons on the Swagbucks site. On most days, she watched just a couple video playlists and earned around 6 – 9 Swagbucks per day, or 500 (equivalent to $5, since 100 SB = $1) in two months.

Aline also earned 10 SB for every coupon she printed and redeemed at a local store. (She earned another 500 SB in 60 days from redeeming coupons for things like toothpaste and cereal.) “I use my Walmart gift cards and stack with my coupons for maximum savings!”

Whitney installed the Swagbucks browser add-on and answered a couple surveys a day to earn a $150 Visa Rewards Card.

Whitney started out with a simple strategy to pay down her credit card debt. “I first downloaded Swagbucks’ browser add-on, the SwagButton. Now when I shop at Amazon or Macy’s, for example, I just click on the SwagButton, and I’m earning cash back for whatever I spend! I also regularly try for surveys.” Earning at least 100 SB a day, she was able to get a $150 Visa Rewards Card in under a year.



Vanessa got free pizzas ($25) for her son’s birthday by using Daily Offers & cash back.

Vanessa participated in free Daily Offers to earn 20 – 150 SB daily. “My son’s 10th birthday was in September, so I started earning with Swagbucks in March to save up.” She used Swagbucks to buy fun Groupon activities for the party and earned 150 – 300 SB per purchase—which made the go-karting deal she got even sweeter! Combining her Daily Offers earnings with her cash back from shopping at Groupon, Vanessa was able to earn more than $25 to pay for Domino’s Pizza at the party.


Jennifer shopped through Swagbucks and answered surveys to earn a $25 Fandango eGift card.

Jennifer loved online shopping and online gaming and was able to do both on Swagbucks while earning free gift cards. She used the Swagbucks add-on and never missed an opportunity to get cash back for her online purchases, like when she earned over $100 back for booking her family vacation through Expedia. She also sets aside some time for surveys every day, for roughly 200 SB per day. “I also add the Swag codes in the Swagbucks toolbar to earn bonus Swagbucks (about 150 points per month).”


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Lindsey earned 100-160 SB a day by signing up for free offers. She earned $400 for her family’s dream trip to Disneyland.

Lindsey earned over $400 in Visa Rewards by completing special offers on Swagbucks. “Just this month, I got back 500 SB ($5) for spending just $2 at my local Peets Coffee, got a Kinsa smart thermometer, for FREE (worth $20!), and then earned $30 for buying Proactiv+.” She ended up earning about $40/month, which quickly racked up to a $400 Visa Rewards card she used for her family vacation to Disney World.


Feeling inspired to start earning free gift cards yourself? Let us know whether you relate to any of these moms above, and what your method for earning on Swagbucks is! New members even get a $5 sign-up bonus!



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