Savvy shoppers know that the changing months bring a slew of deals with them. Many people hold off on buying certain high dollar items until specific months of the year when those products are at their lowest prices.

It is no secret that retailers offer certain products at a deeper discount during various times throughout the year. Knowing which products are at their lowest each month can help you be a savvy consumer and save big!

With February quickly approaching, you might know that you will soon be paying for chocolates, flowers, and perhaps jewelry. But did you know there is a large variety of other products available during the month of February at deep discounts? Before heading out to shop, take a peek at this list of items that are at an all-year low during the month of February!

GPS Units and Audio Equipment

New and exciting electronics are unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show each winter and begin to hit shelves in February. The result is that retailers make room for them by offering discounts on old stock. Don’t mind an older model? Snag one for a deal during the month of February when markdowns are most common.


Retailers are already looking ahead to their spring lines, so winter staples such as sweaters, coats, outerwear, and jeans will tend to be marked down during this month. This is also the time for President's Day sales, and on that weekend prices will be slashed even further.


While you may not be quite ready to plan that spring biking route just yet, new bicycle models are rolled out in February and March. Therefore, February is a great month to get the older models at a lower price! Stores such as Walmart and even specialty bike stores will start appealing to buyers this month with new stock and discounted prices on the older inventory.


Spring break is on the horizon, and luggage makers know that travelers will want to freshen up their supply. Now is the time to look for hot deals on luggage and travel gear. Waiting until the snow melts might result in an increase in prices, so shop now for the best deals.


Seeing a pattern yet? Product makers are trying to tempt buyers into thinking about spring. Grill manufacturers are no exception. Home supply stores will start running sales on grills during February to entice buyers to buy now before the rush. Take advantage of additional discounts offered during President's Day sales and really score big.


February means Super Bowl! Strike early in the month for deals on home theaters, when many vendors offer enticing packages in time for the Super Bowl. Cable companies often offer additional deals this month to entice customers to upgrade services.


February is the very core of the winter boat show season. Before buying a new boat, check out the used market. A lightly-used model is thousands less than new, and just like the boat stores, private owners eager to sell will compromise on price much more readily at this time of year!

Air Conditioners

February is a difficult month for those living in cooler climates. Luckily, summer-centric products like air conditioners are quite a bit cheaper, since no one else is really looking to get one. This is also a good time to save on installation.

Wedding Supplies/Venues

Everyone is waiting for the spring to plan their wedding, which means it’s much easier to find a venue and negotiate prices this month, before the busy season actually begins. Start planning now and not only avoid the crowds, but score some super deals as well.

Video Games

Tons of video games come out in early winter for the holidays, so the majority of video game collectors already have the hottest sellers by now. Like other popular holiday gifts, video games go on sale this month.

Remember to maximize deals with President's Day sales that might be available in your area to really boost the savings!

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