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22 Mouth-Watering Ways to Save on the Cracker Barrel Menu

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Cracker Barrel is known for their homestyle cooking, and whether you’re wanting biscuits and gravy, fried okra, or a helping of meatloaf, it all tastes better if you’re not spending too much.

We know all the ways you can save at Cracker Barrel, from finding the best Cracker Barrel coupons, and the best ways to get discounted Cracker Barrel gift cards, to what the deal is with the Cracker Barrel specials.

So, sit down on one of the Cracker Barrel rocking chairs on the Cracker Barrel front porch, and we’ll let you know the best ways you can save on the Cracker Barrel menu.


1. The Wednesday Cracker Barrel specials are the best deals on the menu — up to 41% off.

A table at Cracker Barrel covered with plates of different foods from the menu.

The Cracker Barrel specials run throughout the week, and they offer significant discounts on menu items. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Chicken n’ Dumplings: $6.99 (reg. $10.39) — a 32.7% discount
  • Meatloaf: $6.99 (reg. $10.19) — a 31.4% discount


  • Broccoli Cheddar Chicken: $6.99 (reg. $11.99) — a 41.7% discount

This is just the start of the Monday restaurant deals and Tuesday restaurant deals you can get on food.


2. Get exclusive Cracker Barrel specials from Thursday to Sunday.

A plated meal from Cracker Barrel's specials menu on a table at Cracker Barrel.

There are also Cracker Barrel specials that run from Thursday to Sunday that boast exclusive menu items that you can’t get any other day of the week:


  • Turkey n’ Dressing: $6.99
  • Turkey n’ Dressing: $10.99 after 4:15 pm


  • Fish Fry: $10.99


  • Country Fried Pork Chops: $10.99


  • Pot Roast Supper: $10.99


3. Save up to 23% when you order the Cracker Barrel family meals with chicken.

If you’re ordering Cracker Barrel delivery or takeout, consider ordering one of the Cracker Barrel family meals that typically serves around 5 people. This meal is only available for delivery or pickup.

Although all of the family meals offer savings compared to buying individual meals, you’ll want to steer toward the chicken-based meals to get the biggest discounts:

  • Homestyle Chicken: $41.99 (reg. $54.95) — 23.5% discount.
  • Chicken n’ Dumplings: $38.99 (reg. $46.45) — a 16.1% discount.
  • Fried Chicken: $42.99 (reg. $49.45) — a 13.1% discount.
  • Grilled Chicken Tenderloin: $42.99 (reg. $49.45) — a 13.1% discount
  • Meatloaf: $44.99 (reg. $47.45) — a 5.2% discount.
  • Pancake Breakfast: $39.99 (reg. $41.45) — a 3.5% discount.

We’ve got the skinny on if family meal deals are actually worth it.


4. The Cracker Barrel catering menu will save you up to 20%, but you need to order 8 or more meals.

If you’re ordering for more than 8 people for takeout, the Cracker Barrel catering menu is your best option. All the meals come with two sides and a biscuit:

  • Breakfast Sampler: $8.49 on the catering menu vs. $10.69 on the regular menu — a 20.5% savings
  • Sunday Homestyle Chicken: $9.49 on the catering menu vs. $11.59 on the regular menu — an 18.1% savings.
  • Grilled Chicken Tenders: $8.69 on the catering menu vs. $9.49 on the regular menu — an 8.4% savings
  • Meatloaf: $9.79 on the catering menu vs. $10.19 on the regular menu — a 3.9% savings


5. Start getting Cracker Barrel coupons as soon as you sign up for their emails.

A screenshot of the Cracker Barrel email sign up form on their website.

Cracker Barrel coupons are rare, but the way to get them is to sign up for the Cracker Barrel emails. That way, you’ll get promotions and Cracker Barrel coupons sent directly into your email.

We’ve seen coupons for a free coffee (reg. $2.19) with the purchase of a meal, 20% off your pickup order, and BOGO meals on the breakfast menu. When we signed up, we immediately received a Cracker Barrel promo code for free beignets (reg. $4.49).


6. Use the Cracker Barrel app to reserve your place in line or place an online order.
A person holding a cell phone in front of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. The waitlist section of the Cracker Barrel app is visible on the cell phone screen.

The best part of the Cracker Barrel app is that you can add your name to an online waitlist so you’ll never have to wait for a table at Cracker Barrel ever again.

Plus, you’ll have access to Cracker Barrel’s online store, easy online ordering, and the ability to pay your check in the restaurant from your phone.

This makes it one of the best restaurant apps to download.

TIP: There is also a Cracker Barrel games app for iPhones and iPads (unfortunately, no Android app). This way, you can practice the Cracker Barrel peg game and up your checkers game all through your phone.


7. There is no age limit on the Cracker Barrel kids menu — get a full meal and two sides for 35% off.

Two small bowls of mixed fruit and baby carrots sitting on a table in front of a baby with an adult picking up some carrots with a fork.

There isn’t an age limit on the Cracker Barrel kids menu, so you can order two kids’ meals for around the same price as an adult entree, and you’ll get two sides, four biscuits, and two drinks:

  • Country Vegetable Plate with extra side and drink for $15.17 vs. two kids Veggie Plate for $9.78 — a 35.5% discount.
  • The Barrel Cheeseburger with extra side and drink for $16.37 vs. two Lil’ Barrel Cheeseburgers for $11.50 — a 29.7% discount.
  • Country Fried Shrimp with a drink for $15.68 vs. two kids Crispy Rockin’ Shrimp for $12.58 — a 19.7% discount.


8. Save 68% when you order pancakes from Denny’s.

A plate of Denny's pancakes on a table at Denny's.

Denny’s pancakes cost $1 per pancake. Meanwhile, pancakes from IHOP will cost you $1.76, and pancakes from Cracker Barrel will cost you $3.20.

That means you’ll save 68.7% when you order from Denny’s and 45% when you order from IHOP. (But social media seems to say Cracker Barrel’s pancakes are superior.)

We can help you get free pancakes with our many ways to save at IHOP and Denny’s menu hacks.

TIP: Like IHOP and Denny’s, the Cracker Barrel breakfast menu is available all day.


9. The cheapest (and most popular) meal on the Cracker Barrel menu is the Chicken n’ Dumplings.

A plate of Cracker Barrel's Chicken n' Dumplings served on a table.

Cracker Barrel says they sell 13 million plates of their Chicken n’ Dumplings, which is their most popular dish.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the top seller is the cheapest meal on the Cracker Barrel menu, at just $7.99.



10. Get complimentary coffee when you order an entree, dessert, or beverage from the Cracker Barrel menu.

A Cracker Barrel server pouring coffee into a coffee mug at a table at Cracker Barrel.

When you order an entree, dessert, or beverage from the Cracker Barrel menu, you’ll get a complimentary coffee. However, you’ll need to ask your server for the coffee since they won’t always ask you if you want your coffee.


11. Take the Cracker Barrel syrup bottles home — it’s a free reusable bottle.

A small Cracker Barrel syrup bottle sitting on a table at Cracker Barrel.

When you order a pancake dish at Cracker Barrel, your server will give you a 1.5 oz Cracker Barrel syrup bottle. Not only are they reusable, but you can also use them to carry liquids on flights, making this bottle very handy.

You’ll also receive little jars of jam for free along with your free biscuits.


12. Create your own breakfast sandwich with this Cracker Barrel menu hack — 28% cheaper than buying a breakfast sandwich on the menu.

A person holding a breakfast sandwich above a plate on a table at Cracker Barrel.

Sure, you could get one Cracker Barrel breakfast sandwich for $6.99, but you can also make your own breakfast sandwich by getting the Old Timer’s Breakfast ($9.99) or the Sunrise Sampler ($10.69) and filling the free biscuits with the meat and eggs.

With this Cracker Barrel menu hack, you’ll get two sandwiches, so you’ll save 28.5% when you order the Old Timer’s Breakfast and 23.5% when you order the Sunrise Sampler.


13. Save big on Cracker Barrel pancakes when you buy their mix and make them at home.

A shelf inside Cracker Barrel where boxes of pancake mix and other purchasable products are stocked.

If you’re craving Cracker Barrel pancakes at home, you can purchase the Cracker Barrel pancake mix online for only $5.99. Each box will make about 35 pancakes, which makes each pancake costs about 17 cents.

If you were to get pancakes at the restaurant, you’ll pay $9.59 for three pancakes — or $3.20 per pancake. You’ll save 94.7% per pancake when you buy their mix in stores.

If you buy the mix online, you’ll pay $6.99 on orders under $100, which would increase your price per pancake to 37 cents per pancake — still a killer deal (and 88.4% cheaper).


14. Check out the ‘Sale’ page on the Cracker Barrel website for the best Cracker Barrel store deals.

A screenshot of the Sale page on the Cracker Barrel website.

The Cracker Barrel store promotes all their discounted items on the Cracker Barrel website. You’ll even find some items that are only available online.

We’ve seen items like T-shirts, toys, and candy up to 50% off their normal price. These items rotate often, but here are some deals we found:


15. Buy a discounted Cracker Barrel gift card to get 5% off every visit.

A person's hand holding a Cracker Barrel gift card next to an advertisement for the RedCard at Target.

One of the best benefits of a Target RedCard is getting a 5% discount on all your purchases, including gift cards. This means you can get a Cracker Barrel gift card from Target with a 5% discount every time, so you’re spending less on your meal before you even set foot in the restaurant.

If you don’t have a Target RedCard, you can get a discounted Cracker Barrel gift card from Raise.com. They are currently running a promotion for a 4% discount.


16. Cracker Barrel delivery is cheapest with Uber Eats.

A Cracker Barrel takeout bag of food sitting on a front porch.

The best third-party app to get your Cracker Barrel delivery from is Uber Eats since it has the cheapest delivery fee. Here’s the average from what we’ve found from all over the country:

But before you order, make sure you’ve brushed up on all of our DoorDash hacks, Uber Eats hacks, and Grubhub hacks. And check your delivery services’ deals page; Cracker Barrel often has specials like a free Grandma’s Sampler (reg. $10.39), half off their family orders through DoorDash, and waiving the Cracker Barrel delivery fee.

TIP: Cracker Barrel prices are higher on these third-party delivery services than what you’d pay at the restaurant, so if you can swing it, do a pickup order instead.


17. If you have a group of 15 or more, get two free meals with the Cracker Barrel tour group discount.

When you have a large group of 15+, you qualify for the Cracker Barrel Tour Group discount. You’ll get two free meals (one for the group leader and one for the bus driver) automatically taken from the check.

All you need to do is email or call 1-877-349-1234 to make a group reservation beforehand to get this discount.


18. Go to Cracker Barrel on your birthday to get a free dessert and a song.

A person's hand holding up a plate with a Cracker Barrel brownie and ice cream dessert on it.

When you go to Cracker Barrel and tell them that it’s your birthday, they’ll give you a free dessert up to a $5.49 value and sing you a song.

This is just one of the many birthday freebies you can get for just being born.



19. Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving & Easter meal bundles are expensive.

Cracker Barrel is open on both Thanksgiving & Easter, and they have special takeout menus for both holidays — a family ham meal for Cracker Barrel Easter and a family turkey meal for Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving, with sides of mashed potatoes, roasted gravy, rolls, and your choice of a country side.

Historically, they’ve charged $99.99 for a meal that feeds 4 – 6 people, and $149.99 for one that feeds 8 – 10. The draw here is to avoid cooking, not to save money; you’ll be paying around $14.99 – $16.65 per person, which is 64% – 67% more expensive than an average Thanksgiving dinner (normally $5.33).

It’s even more expensive than an average Cracker Barrel check per guest ($11.40) by 23.9% – 31.5%.


20. The Cracker Barrel employee discount isn’t great and won’t get you free meals.

The Cracker Barrel employee discount will only get you 50% off your meal 30 minutes before and after your shift. Unfortunately, you won’t get any other discounts on food or at the Cracker Barrel store.

We’ve found lots of employee discounts that make working worth it.


21. The Cracker Barrel military discount will give you 15% off your meal.

American military soldiers saluting the American flag.

Military personnel and veterans can get a 15% discount on their meals if they show their ID. Plus, they will also get a free dessert on Veterans Day. It’s one of the many military discounts you can get with your ID.

TIP: Unfortunately, Cracker Barrel doesn’t offer a student, teacher, or senior discount, but we know all the places you can get student discounts, teacher discounts, and senior discounts.


22. Park your RV overnight at the Cracker Barrel parking lot for free.

When you’re on a road trip in your RV, you have more options than parking at a big-box store like Walmart. Instead, try and find a Cracker Barrel. They’ll typically have 50-foot parking spaces specifically for overnight travelers.

However, because of some state and local laws, not all Cracker Barrels will offer this service, so call ahead to make sure you’ll be able to park overnight.



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