Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of exercising. I always tell myself that I’m going to work out and get in shape, but I never seem to follow through. However, I now have a little more motivation to actually do it! A mobile app called Nexercise is now available for iPhone and Android — and it actually rewards you for working out! Getting into shape while earning prizes such as coupons (yes, I said coupons!) is a workout that I can get behind!

What is Nexercise?

Nexercise is a free mobile app that tracks your physical activity and rewards you with gift cards and other prizes. The app not only serves as a reward system, but also as an exercise log and social network.

How does it work?

Start by downloading the app and creating an account. Then you can jump right in and get to exercising! You will see five different tabs at the bottom of the app — Home, Profile, Friends, Chatter and Nexercise. To start working out, touch the Nexercise button, and it will bring up a menu of activities to choose from such as aerobics, walking, yoga and even housework! Simply choose the activity you plan to do and select "track motion now." Your phone will need to be on your person to track the motion, so you may want to place it in an armband or in your pocket.

Now you can begin your workout and the app will track it. Once you’ve finished with your activity, hit the stop button and submit your activity. Once you’re done with your workout, you’ll be eligible to earn prizes and points. Your workout must be at least two minutes long, which isn’t bad — even I can do two minutes!

The prizes alone are enough to get me off the couch, but if you still need a little more motivation, check out the friends section, which allows you to compare your stats to your friends’ and add a little friendly competition into the mix. The app also has a “Chatter” section where users can post questions, comments or just chat with other fitness-minded folks.

If you want to keep track of how you’re doing, check out the “Profile” tab, which will list all of your stats, medals and activity. The activity tab shows exactly what you have done each day, so you can check out which days you really did your best and which days you slacked off! This section tells you how much time you spent Nexercising for the day, as well as the month, how many steps you took and what distance you traveled during your workouts.

What can I earn?

Nexercise actually has three – yes three different rewards sections. First, is the Kiip rewards. This is probably my favorite because you get a reward instantly! After you’ve submitted your activity, you will be eligible for a Kiip reward, which will show up immediately after your workout. You won’t get a Kiip reward every time, but I would say that I have received one over 75 percent of the time. In the past, Kiip rewards have included things such as $10 Zynga gift cards, free samples of products such as Propel, and coupons for Nivea goods and other items.

The other two rewards sections are mPoints and Pocket Change, in which you will accumulate points after each workout. These points can be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards to Amazon, Nordstroms and iTunes. To give you an idea of how fast the points add up, I have used this app for a little over a week and a total of 40 minutes, and I have earned 460 mPoints. Most $5 gift cards on mPoints are 12,500 points, so at the current rate I’m going it will take me 5-6 months to earn a gift card — but if you’re better about working out than myself, it may not take you quite as long. mPoints rewards also include gift card sweepstakes, which generally cost 100 points to enter.

As far as Pocket Change goes, in that same week I’ve earned 105 coins. Pocket Change has some pretty awesome high-value rewards, but it may take you a little while to earn them. A $75 gift card to Chipotle is currently 7500 coins and a $250 gift card to Nordstroms is 25,000 coins. However, if you are too impatient to save your coins, they usually have several rewards under 300 coins, such as $15 off at The Honest Company.

Nexercise also offers virtual medals, which can be earned and shown off on Facebook and Pinterest. Each time you work out you will earn XP (experience points), the amount of which is based on length of exercise, motion tracked and existing medals. Medals include the Weekend Warrior, which is earned when users regularly put in close to an hour of exercise on the weekends, and the Mix It Up Medal, which is earned by frequently changing up your activities. You can view all available medals along with hints to get them on Nexercise’s Pinterest page.

How do I get Nexercise?

Nexercise is free and is available in the App Store and Google Play. You can also follow Nexercise on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

Earn Rewards for Working Out with Nexercise