Truth be told, we were once against Costco. I know, I know—how can anyone not love Costco? From their $1.50 hotdog and pop combos to box loads of food at prices way below grocery stores, Costco is a popular money-saving place with reason. However, when we began to coupon five years ago, it was clear where our savings would add up. It wasn't at Costco.

The savings we gained when we would go to Albertsons and buy several boxes of Cheerios for $0.25 were much more compelling. By stacking a manufacturer coupon and a store sale, the price of a box of cereal dropped drastically. Why would we go to Costco and buy an economy sized box of that same Cheerios for $5.99 when we could stock up on several smaller boxes and pay only $1.00?

What we do now

Fast forward to present day. We both shop at Costco. Regularly. Costco offers substantial discounts in their monthly coupon book. It gets even better. With the emergence of grocery rebate apps, you can earn money back on those very purchases at Costco. The savings are tremendous. We can still do better on that box of cereal at Albertsons; however, there are several products that are worth buying at Costco. For example, a recent purchase of a 90-oz bottle of Dawn was only $4.24 once we applied the Costco coupon book savings and then an Ibotta rebate offer. Amazing!

3 Grocery rebate apps you should be using at Costco

There's an app for that. There are so many apps for so many things, it's hard to keep track of them all. For us couponers, it’s worth paying attention to the grocery rebate apps. Stacking deals for added savings is changing the couponing world. Apps feature rebates for certain products that you purchase at a specific store. Amounts vary according to item. Once you’ve purchased a select item, simply log into the app, scan the product's barcode, submit your receipt, and you earn the rebate. Here are three apps we highly recommend using—especially at Costco!

1. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is probably the simplest app to use for rebates. Every Thursday a list of products is offered. Check off the item you bought and then take a picture of the receipt. Hit submit and your cash-rebate value is added to your account within minutes. Many times, I’ve purchased items using both the manufacturer coupon and store sale. I then submit the receipt for even more savings.

  • Requesting your check: With Checkout 51, once you reach $20.00 in your account, you’ll be prompted with the option to cash out, or you can just let the “savings” pile up and request a check at any time. (Checks are sent via snail mail.) Each rebate app has specific rules regarding minimal payment amounts, so just be sure to check with each when you sign up.


2. Shopmium

Shopmium is similar to Checkout 51; however, it requires actions before a rebate can be earned. When we talk about actions, we mean simple and quick tasks to unlock a rebate. Watch a short video, discover a product by reading about it, or answer a quick survey question. These take seconds to complete. There isn’t a regular schedule when new offers appear, but they do change up frequently.

3. Ibotta

Like Shopmium, Ibotta requires you to complete quick tasks before a rebate can be earned. The wonderful thing about Ibotta is that it offers exclusive deals for Costco, and some of them are as high as $3.00 cash back. On a recent shopping trip, I bought a 32-pack of Duracell AAA batteries for only $9.99! You may be wondering how? Here's the deal. The batteries were on sale for $14.99. I used the $2.00 Costco monthly coupon, and the price dropped to $12.99. Then, as soon as I completed the purchase, I opened the Ibotta app. There was a $3.00 rebate available on the Duracell batteries. I unlocked the deal by completing two actions, then scanned both the batteries and the receipt. Within minutes, I received confirmation and earned a $3.00 rebate. This means the final cost for the 32-pack of Duracell batteries was only $9.99. Beat that!


With all of these apps, offers change often, so we recommend checking apps regularly for new products and rebates. The steps are quick, easy to do, and really add to your overall savings. Check out a recent deal featured on the Krazy Coupon Lady website. I actually bought all of these items and saved $17.00. Yes, I saved $17.00 on just six products! Here's how:

Costco – Save Up To $17.00 on These Items.

Take a moment and check into these new apps. When you stack their offers with store sales and manufacturer coupons, it's totally worth it!



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