The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics launched the first National Nutrition Month in 1980.

This year's slogan is "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle" and the focus is on eating healthy plus making time for physical exercise.

Read on to learn about these great freebies you can enjoy all year long—courtesy of National Nutrition Month!

4 Great National Nutrition Month freebies

Each of these freebies is available all year long to help you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle, complete with nutritious eating and plenty of physical exercise.

1. MyPlate

MyPlate (or ChooseMyPlate) replaced the MyPyramid model in 2011 as the national standard for healthy eating. MyPlate has tips customized for preschoolers, kids, moms-to-be, parents, dieters, college students and dietary guidelines—all for free.


2. SuperTracker

SuperTracker gives you everything you need to customize a meal plan for your nutrient and energy needs. Developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to work together with Choose My Plate, this interactive and customizable website puts your health education in your hands (and gives you everything you need to know to manage it well!).

What SuperTracker offers for free:

  • Customizable meal plan (based on different daily calorie counts).
  • A Food-o-Pedia to help you get educated about the nutrient value of more than 8,000 foods.
  • A top 5 goal, weight manager and online health journal.
  • An online recipe repository (you can save your own favorites here).
  • A physical activity tracker to help you get in shape and track your progress.

3. Nutrition Games for Kids and Adults

If you like Sudoku, Word Searches and Online Quizzes—you’ll enjoy these free nutrition games. Games are geared appropriate for kids and adults. You can get all games at this link (they load as pop-up screens, so be sure you don’t have pop-ups disabled!).

Games you and your family may enjoy include:

  • Nutrition Sudoku (2 versions for kids and adults).
  • Word Search (2 versions for kids and adults).
  • Rate Your Plate (for adults).
  • FadDiet Timeline (for adults).

4. Free handouts and tip sheets

The goal of National Nutrition Month is to offer education and resources to help Americans of all ages get healthy and stay healthy.

  • Free handouts and tip sheets: Includes tips for eating healthy on a budget, eating low sodium, eating more fruits and veggies, healthy snacks for kids, smart snacking and much more.

Save on fresh, nutritious food

National Nutrition Month is (of course) all about nutrition, which means that eating fresh, nutritious food is the foundation on which to build a healthy lifestyle—healthy in equals healthy out!

Here are some great ways you can save on fresh, nutritious, delicious food for your whole family!

Resource: 8 Ways to Save on Fresh Food

Resource: Supermarket Secrets: 3 Ways to Save on Fresh Produce

Resource: Berry Cart (the app with savings on organic, non-GMO and gluten-free food!)

Resource: Snap (the app that gives you cash back on your grocery purchases!)

Resource: Checkout 51 (the app that gives you great weekly cash back grocery deals!)

Resource: Ibotta (the app that pays you for your grocery receipts!)

Resource: Shrink (the app that saves you on your favorite brands! Use code OBCHJY).

Get fit with your family for free

Once you've laid the groundwork with an awesome weekly menu of healthy, tasty meals, it’s time to get fit—which will also help you get better rest and have more energy throughout the day!

Here are some great resources to get fit as a family for FREE (and even earn a bit!).

Resource: Free Personal Trainers, Workouts, and Nutrition Plans

Resource: Want to Get Paid to Get Healthier? 4 Ways to Earn While You Burn

Resource: 5 Free Fitness Apps to Help You Meet Your Goals

Resource: Work Out with a Personal Trainer—Absolutely FREE

National Nutrition Month: Get These Freebies for the Whole Family