I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m a bit of an app addict. I’m always on the hunt for the coolest game to keep me entertained at the doctor’s office, the latest news app so I’m always up to date on what’s going on in the world, and, of course, the newest coupon apps to help me find the best deals! And although I still haven’t found anything to take over my Candy Crush addiction, I’ve discovered a pretty sweet new coupon app that’s definitely worth the storage space on my phone—GeoQpons!

What’s GeoQpons?

GeoQpons is a web and mobile service that features in-store and online coupons, sales, shopping lists and loyalty cards, making it easy to find coupons and deals at your favorite stores.

How does it work?

One of the best features of the GeoQpons app is the extremely simple interface. I think that even my technologically-impaired mom would be able to use it! Once you’ve fired up the app, you’ll be asked to enter your zip code. From here you’ll be able to browse through coupons based on distance or by category, such as dining, fashion, and health and beauty. At the bottom of the app you’ll see additional tabs such as deals and more, where you can access the hottest deals of the day and additional app features such as a discount calculator.

What kinds of deals does it have?

I’m always skeptical that these types of apps will actually feature anything worthwhile, but I was pleasantly surprised with GeoQpons! Within a matter of minutes, I was able to find fashion deals such as 40% off everything at Justice, $5 off your purchase at Hot Topic, and $25 off a $75 purchase at Lane Bryant. Since I was feeling hungry, I decided to check out the dining section, where I found coupons for Olive Garden, Buca di Bepo and Jersey Mike’s. I even found a coupon for a free bagel with coffee purchase at Brueggers!

What features does it have?

In addition to simply finding the latest coupons and sales at your favorite stores, GeoQpons hosts a ton of other features. Within the app, shoppers are able to view weekly ads for numerous stores including Target and CVS, as well as daily deals for both Groupon and Living Social. Users can also opt in for new coupon alerts and even email or text their favorite coupons to friends and family so they can pass along the savings! The app also features a shopping list function, a place to store loyalty cards, a discount calendar and a barcode scanner so you can find out if that item you’re eyeing is cheaper anywhere else. However, my personal favorite feature to the app is the calendar integration that actually shows you when your coupons expire!

What stores does it feature?

GeoQpons features coupons and sales from stores such as Target, Kohl’s, Michaels, Nordstrom, Hot Topic, JCPenney, CVS, Gap, Old Navy, Toys “R” Us and tons more! But GeoQpons isn’t just for major chains; they also feature coupons for local restaurants and shops, as well.


What devices can I use GeoQpons with?

GeoQpons, which is free to download and use, is available for both Android and Apple devices. However, if you don’t have a smartphone, you’re not completely out of luck! Although you won’t get all of the features listed above, you can still use GeoQpons.com to search for all the latest coupons and sales!

Find the Latest Store Coupons and Sales with the GeoQpons App