One of the top rules in couponing is to never pay full price for your groceries. With my list of 32 places to find the best grocery coupons, you can enjoy savings every time you’re at the register.

Some of the places may seem obvious, others not so much. That’s why I included links wherever possible to make it easier for you to get to saving. Good luck on your search and Happy Couponing!

For more money-saving deals and coupons download the KCL app.


Get Grocery Coupons Everywhere

Never pay full price for your groceries. With a collection of coupons and a bit of planning, you can enjoy savings every time you’re at the register.


1. Download the KCL app for coupons, sales, and deal alerts.

The KCL app is a fantastic shortcut to get started on finding all the best deals and coupons, aggregated in one place, saving you tons of money, time, and energy. We tell you about the deals and which coupons/rebate apps to use to get items for pennies or even free. So, download the KCL app now!

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2. Save even more on groceries with rebate or cash-back apps like Ibotta.

Organic foods:

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3. Sign up for a store reward or loyalty card to save at the pump and earn cash back.

Sign up for a reward or loyalty card like Kroger stores, including FredMeyer, and save up to $0.10 a gallon of gas when you earn 100 rewards points from shopping, and earn cash back with cash-back deals.

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4. Download digital grocery coupons on your preferred store’s website to your rewards card.

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5. Subscribe to the Sunday newspaper.

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6. Or, scoop up the newspaper inserts for free.

You can find coupons in newspapers left behind in your local coffee shop, libraries, or waiting rooms! Or, wait till Monday and ask local businesses if they have any leftover newspapers you can have.

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7. Browse through your grocery store paper weekly ad for printed coupons.

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8. Grab an in-store sale flyer.

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9. Look for grocery coupons in magazines.

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10. Check product packaging for peelies.

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11. Cut coupons right off the packaging, typically on boxed goods.

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12. Look inside an item’s packaging.

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13. Pull off a coupon from tear pads near the item(s) they’re promoting.

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14. Pick up a hangtag coupon on bottled products.



15. Search for coupon dispensing blinkies near products.

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16. Grab a product sample and coupons during in-store promotions.

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17. Receive Catalina coupons at the register.

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18. Glance at the bottom or the back of your register receipt.

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19. Request manufacturer grocery coupons through a brand’s contact form.

I contacted these brands and got snail mail coupons. To see exactly what they sent, check out my list of high-value coupons.

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20. Get the best printable grocery coupons on brand or manufacturer websites.

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21. Discover printable coupons on dedicated coupon sites.

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22. Sign up for the newsletter and text alerts from your favorite grocery store.

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23. Sign up to receive manufacturer coupons through email, newsletter, or text alerts.

You have to enter info like your email and name before you can receive any of these coupons. Don’t miss out on any coupons, and sign up to receive offers through all three.

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24. Sign up for a grocery delivery service for first-timer coupons and promo codes.

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25. Join a brand fan club on a brand site.

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26. Look for coupons in free product samples.

Here are some sites where you can get free samples without filling out surveys. You get a free product and coupon — it’s a win-win!

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27. Check your mailbox for direct mailers from your local grocery store.

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28. Chat with fellow krazies on coupon exchange forums.

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29. Join coupon trading Meetup groups, or start your own.

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30. Find coupons on your Amazon coupons homepage.

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31. Look for the orange coupon symbol on Amazon and click the box.

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32. Sign up for Amazon Subscribe & Save subscription service.

Score additional coupons and promo codes for grocery and household goods with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save subscription.

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Got Grocery Coupons? Look in These 32 Places for the Best Ones!