There are loads of ways to save money without coupons or hassles.

I’m guessing if you don’t like coupons it’s either because you’re short on time or you think coupons are embarrassing. So I’ve compiled my best low-investment, non-mortifying ways to shop smarter for everything you buy.


1. Find massive clearance reductions by zip code with

In a nutshell, BrickSeek lets you search store inventory by zip code at Target, Walmart, Lowe’s and Office Depot.

The idea is — killer clearance happens all the time — it’s only rare that shoppers stumble across an item they need at the right place and time. BrickSeek solves that.

Search BrickSeeek for “stainless steel range” or by product number, then enter your zip code to pull up local inventory. I found this $1,099 range for $649.


2. Paribus could help you get compensation from Amazon if your shipment arrives late.

The Paribus app detects price drops and late shipments to potentially get you money back on both. (Amazon doesn’t offer price adjustments, only compensation for late shipments.)

Grant Paribus access to the email account you do your shopping from, and the app will monitor your online orders and track your packages after your purchase. If your package shows up late (think Amazon Prime 2-day shipping), Paribus will provide you with the information you need to request compensation.

Paribus will also monitor and detect the receipts in your email and begin tracking the prices of items you purchased from select retailers. If Paribus detects a price drop from a Paribus-approved retailer, they’ll tell you how to request a price adjustment.

Paribus used to take a cut of the money it saved you, but now that Paribus has joined Capital One, the service is completely free — no fees, ever.

From Paribus on security: Paribus does not live in your inbox! Your mail will always remain under the supervision of your inbox provider (Google, Microsoft) and only messages that appear to be transaction related are ever pulled in by Paribus. We also regularly work with outside security professionals to ensure highest standards. Audits take place regularly on other pieces of the technical infrastructure as well.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


3. Get promo codes without junk mail at

Milled collects emails from every major retailer you can possibly think of, eliminating the need for you to sign up for emails to get coupons and sale info. It’s shopping without the spam. Browse emails by category (apparel, beauty, home), by day or by retailer to find deals.

Plus, I use Milled to wonder. . . I wonder when the last time Anthropologie held an additional 40% off sale? I wonder what month Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale was last year? I wonder if R.E.I. typically has a big sale before summer break?


4. Negotiate your cell and cable bills without picking up the phone with

Send your bills to BillCutterz, and if they can get you a lower monthly payment, you’ll split 50% of the savings with them monthly for one year. After that, the savings are all yours.

And if BillCutterz can’t get you a lower monthly payment, you don’t pay them anything.


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5. Ditch the $60 Costco and $45 Sam’s Club memberships.

If shopping at wholesale clubs is your religion — then it’s possible you’re saving enough to make the membership worthwhile. But if you have a membership and only get to Costco a few times a year, consider “splitting a membership.” Essentially, give cash to any Costco member you know in exchange for a Costco cash card.

Non-members with Costco cash cards can browse and purchase without a membership.

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6. Try the Fetch app for completely mindless digital rebates.

Fetch Rewards is a little like all those other rebate apps. But, it’s also completely different. If you ever use those receipt-scan apps like Receipt Pal or Receipt Hog, it’s sort of like one of those meets Ibotta.

Scan all your receipts with Fetch, and the app will search for qualifying items and tell you if you happened to buy anything for which there is a rebate. You can browse the app before you shop to see the offer for “400 points when you buy Philadelphia cream cheese,” or you can just shop as a normal cheesecake-lovin’ person and get the points just the same. One-thousand points is equal to $1.00 credit you can redeem for small gift cards to Amazon or wherever you like to shop.

TIP: Enter promo code KRAZY when you download the Fetch Rewards app to earn 2,000 bonus points! That’s a free $2.00 bonus! Just remember to enter the promo code before you add your first receipt.

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7. Get 15% off every Amazon Subscribe & Save item when you order 5 items per month.

Subscribe & Save from Amazon is one of the best ways to save on household staples to date. The secret is stupid-simple. Just make sure you subscribe to at least five items every month, and the usual 5% savings jumps to 15%.

Monitor your subscriptions online in your Amazon account. Change, postpone or delete them with one click, anytime. And, if you do happen to see a coupon on an item with Subscribe & Save, click it! You’ll get the coupon savings on top of the 15%. Just remember, while the 15% discount is ongoing, the coupon savings is one-time use.

Not sure what products to subscribe to? Check out Krazy Coupon Lady Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals.


8. Raise app, KidsEatFree,, LivingSocial — they’ll all save you money while dining out.

Dining out on a budget is entirely doable. And paying full price is completely wasteful. Here are some of my favorite tips for saving on eating out:


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Save Money. Skip Coupons. 8 Unexpected Ways to Shop Smarter.