Synovate is back and taking applicants for July!  Spots fill up fast so be sure to apply ASAP.    Here is why Synovate is one of our all time favorite survey companies:

  • In just a couple of minutes, a few times a week, you can earn extra money to use towards anything at all.  I like to save mine for a vacation or Christmas fund.
  • This company is highly reputable and has been around for years.  They also have one of the better pay-out rates in the industry.
  • Not only do they pay you cash for completed surveys, but they will also send you new products to try out and keep in exchange for your opinion.
  • There are absolutely no fees or commitment involved with your Synovate Sign-up. If at anytime you no longer want to receive surveys, you can cancel your account.
  • They also accept almost everyone so there is no time wasted signing up, only to discover that you aren't what they are looking for.
  • While they say most surveys take between 5 and 10 minutes, I just completed a survey they said would take 5-7 minutes and I did it in about 3.

In order to sign up and to start recieving the best surveys:

  1. Start by going here and entering your info.
  2. Be sure to click the verification link on the confirmation email they send you and then answer the next few questions they ask. They will award you with 500 points for doing this.
  3. Shortly after  you verify your account they will send you a "Welcome Survey." In order to start getting the best surveys and products to test, it is very important that you fill out this survey as soon as possible. After completing the initial survey you will get 250 points in your account.

Go here to get started!