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There is so much to look forward to in October — sweater weather, Halloween, Prime Day deals, and of course, seasonal sales ripe for the picking. Stocking up in October is all about comfort food, with a focus on coffee, baking products, pasta, and candy. So if you’re wondering what to stock up on in October, we got it all covered.

Think about it: this is the month where we settle into all things cozy. That might mean setting and forgetting your infamous chili in the Instant Pot or heading to Subway for $1 off of their soups every weekend in October. And we’re always searching to find the cheapest Halloween candy cost.

Without further ado, here are the deals to watch for stocking up in October. And remember, download the KCL app to get all of the latest deal news delivered right to your phone.


1. Aim for less than $4 for a bag of coffee in October.

Bags of coffee stocked on an Aldi self with a price tag of $3.99

As the weather gets crisp in October, we start to see coffee coupons and sales.

For example, KCL’s 3-month stock-up price for Starbucks K-Cups (10-Count) is $4.99, putting the cost-per-pod at $0.49. If you see anything close to that during the month of October, prepare to purchase. With inflation (and depending on your location), even the best sales may not hit those numbers this year. So go in with an open (but strategic) shopper’s mind.

TIP: If you’re stockpiling coffee, do not store it in your freezer! Store it in an airtight container where it’s cool and dry to keep it tasting fresher and lasting longer.


2. Find cake mix for under $1.

Boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix stocked on a shelf with price tags of 79 cents and 75 cents.

Last year, we saw Betty Crocker cake mixes hit a 3-month stock-up price of only $0.79 at Kroger. And everyone knows cake made with ingredients purchased at a deep discount just tastes better.

With grocery costs on the rise, you’ll want to take solace in some genius baking hacks that’ll stretch those ingredients, so find Betty Crocker coupons here.

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3. Stock up when pasta is less than $0.75.

A woman taking boxes of Barilla pasta from a shelf in a grocery store.

Great deals on Barilla pasta show up in October. KCL’s 3-month stock-up price on Barilla Blue Box varieties of pasta is $0.75 each, but don’t count out other brands on sale this month. We’ve spied San Georgia pasta deals at only $0.49 a box at Kroger in the past. When they go low, we stock up.



5. Buy Halloween candy around the holiday for up to 75% off.

A woman shopping for Halloween candy in Target with a shopping cart full of Halloween items.

Be prepared to buy enough to last for several months starting end of October through early November. Last year, we saw Halloween deals as low as $0.44 for king-size candy bars at Target. At that price, grab some extras for movie night treats.


6. Find deals on takeout and frozen pizza throughout October.

A person holding a Papa John's pizza near the counter at Papa John's.

Pizza, frozen or otherwise, can be the ultimate weeknight gift this time of year when school, work, and extracurricular activities make schedules busy.

October is National Pizza Month, and you can expect tons of pizza deals all month long from your favorite pizza chains and grocery store brands.

In recent years, Papa John’s offered a pizza with three toppings for only $10, and at one point, Pizza Hut gave customers a deal on two medium pizzas with any toppings for only $6.99 each. Look out for prices similar to these.

For budget-friendly frozen pizza varieties, our Krazy Coupon Lady 3-month stock-up price on Red Baron Pizza is $2.25, and for Totino’s Party Pizzas, it’s $2 each. Watch out for similar deals at your go-to supermarket.


7. Spend less than $0.50 on cat food.

Meow Mix wet cat food in a shopping cart.

Last year, we saw cheap cat food during October. Meow Mix wet cat food was only $0.13 a can at Publix with a coupon. Target had a great deal as well: Blue Buffalo wet cat food was only $0.49 per can.

Both prices were under The Krazy Coupon Lady’s 3-month stock-up price of $0.40 per can for the Meow Mix and $0.50 for the Blue Buffalo.

Again, we can’t stress enough that your mileage may vary on these deals between inflation and location.

Check out these KCL pet coupons.



8. Find great deals like less than $1 per pound on squash.

Different kinds of squash stocked at Aldi.

Fall is when squash is in season and when we see the lowest prices. If you love a good side dish like Butternut Squash and Cranberry Quinoa, buy now.

Also, last year we saw spaghetti, acorn, or butternut squash for only $0.79 a pound at Aldi in the produce section, which is KCL’s 3-month stock up price.


9. Save up to 50% on costumes.

A person looking at a children's butterfly costume in Target

For the best Halloween deals, wait until Oct. 31, when leftover stock costumes reach 50 – 75% off.

Costumes make great dress-up gifts for young children. Bundle them together and give your child a costume chest for Christmas, or keep them on hand for playtime.

If you just can’t wait until Halloween to buy, shop Dollar General and get 50% off costumes starting as early as October 20.


10. Find dish soap for as little as $0.14 a bottle.

A person holding a bottle of Palmolive dish soap in front of a shelf of dish soap.

Palmolive dish soap was on sale last year, and one of the best deals was at Walgreens combining a coupon and clearance price to get it for $0.14/bottle. (That’s a KCL 6-month stock-up price.)

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