I'm not a mom yet…at least not to any human kids. I do have two non-human kids (parrot, tortoise). I also have two human nieces and two human nephews. Their mom and dad are passionate about serving up organic-only foods to their little ones.  I am equally passionate about eating organic myself…and ensuring my two "kiddos" join me in that. Recently I was talking with my sister-in-law and I found out about a great organic rewards program she participates in—with four young mouths to feed, the more rewards the better! If you have youngsters, you may want to check out this program too!

1. What kind of products will I find on Earth's Best's website?

Earth's Best sells a complete line of organic infant, toddler, and kids foods, as well as home care and baby care products.

2. So what's the scoop on the Rewards program?

The Earth's Best Rewards program is simple—here are the highlights.

  • Shop online or in stores and accrue points, which you can use to redeem future products.
  • Check in on your smartphone while you are shopping (www.earthsbestrewards.com) to earn bonus points.
  • Scan the UPC codes from Earth's Best products (within 48 hours of purchase) to earn more bonus points.
  • You can read articles online to earn additional points.
  • When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for prizes.
  • Prize offerings are always changing—you can redeem points for coupons, gear, free classes, discounts on magazines, kids' fun admission, and more.
  • You can also redeem points toward entry into contests—including $500 in free Earth's Best products (it only takes 6 points to enter).

3. What else can I get?

Earth's Best also offers fun sweepstakes and contests.

4. Sign me up!

Here's how to sign up—it’s free.

This is a guest post by Shannon from Texas.

Earth's Best Organic Rewards: Get Healthy Savings for You and Your Baby