Baby on the way? Use Babylist to create a registry with anything you want from any store. Plus, once you start adding items to your registry, you’ll qualify for a free Baby Box full of goodies for you and your baby — just pay shipping.

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What is Babylist?

Babylist is an online baby registry company that’s free to use. You can add products from their website or any major retailer to create a baby registry that matches your specific needs. Each registry has a shareable link so your family and friends can help you get needed items for your new baby. Plus, Babylist has tons of information to guide you through pregnancy, curated guides to help create your registry, and a 15% completion discount to the Babylist store.

How do I get my free Baby Box?

When you create a registry with Babylist, you’re eligible to get a free Baby Box, just pay shipping. You’ll earn your free Baby Box when you’ve:

  • Added three items to your registry from the Babylist store.
  • Added three items to your registry from other stores.
  • Make a minimum purchase totaling $10 from the Babylist Shop (this purchase can be made by you or a gift giver).
  • Verify your address and pay $6.95 shipping.

Each Baby Box is different, but previous boxes have included items like bibs, hats, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers and, of course, money-saving coupons and promos. For more info on the Baby Box, go here.

Note that the items included in the box typically fit babies under 2 – 3 months old. Because of this, your arrival date must be between four weeks ago and up to nine months away.

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