There are few things better than scoring a great deal for a product I love. So when one of my favorite brands rewards me for buying one of their products, I jump for joy! It’s a simple, smart concept. Manufacturers and companies reward customers with points that can be redeemed for other products and coupons. The more you buy, the more free items you get. Combining coupons with great programs can really create value. Here are a few of the most popular programs:

1. Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards is perfect for those with children. Purchase Disney movies, Disney CDs, or tickets to see Disney movies in theaters. Visit the rewards site and enter special codes from those purchases and movie ticket stubs. Earn points towards more movies, collectibles, and more. This program also offers surveys that reward even more points. Sweepstakes, special deals, and other offers are regular features. Hoard as many as 15,000 points and earn a tour of Walt Disney Studios.

2. Pampers Rewards

Diapers are a huge expensive for new parents, but Pampers eases the financial strain with an excellent rewards system. Many of their products are marked with special codes inside the packaging. Enter codes online to earn coupons, baby hardware like strollers, and more. Pampers also randomly releases codes. Find the codes on couponing sites or Google for the most recent.

3. Purina Points and Cat Chow Perks

Purina has some great programs for your furry family members! If you care for five or more dogs, check out Purina Points. Download a claim form from the website and earn points when you buy participating Purina products. Rewards include checks toward Purina products or vet services, merchandise, or gift cards to restaurants (humans only).

With Purina Cat Chow Perks you can earn points with each proof of purchase that can lead to rewards for both you and your cat. You can even win a Dyson!


This is a guest post by Brittany from Sacramento, CA.

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3 Companies That Reward You for Being Loyal