My mom started couponing long before couponing was considered “cool”—so the family was always joking about her “coupon habit.” It wasn't until much later that I realized just how much money she had saved by couponing—and how hard she worked to do it!

Today, my dad often praises my mom to their friends, sharing how savvy she is about finding great deals (when he does this, she glows with pride and sometimes even chimes in with a story of her own about a great deal she's proud of finding).

What I've learned from this is that not all couples have to share every interest, but it’s still very important to appreciate your partner's interests and praise them for a job well done! Here are 5 ways you can become more supportive of your couponing partner.

1. Celebrate your partner's savings with gratitude

This one is so easy and requires only two words, spoken regularly—THANK YOU.

As well, if at any point your partner may have felt irked that you haven't joined them in couponing to save, a simple "thank you" can go a long way towards easing resentment.

Specific ways you can say (and show) your gratitude:

  • Take the time to ask how much was saved each week.
  • Ask about and listen to savings success stories.
  • Remark (with admiration) about creative savings strategies your partner uses.

2. Ask your partner about couponing so you can learn what it entails

Expressing curiosity—even if you don't plan to take up couponing yourself—can give you insight into how your partner's mind works, what they enjoy, and other ways you might be similar.

Specific ways to show your curiosity about couponing:

  • Ask about what system your partner prefers and why it works best.
  • Ask about favorite strategies, favorite types of coupons, and favorite stores.
  • Ask which stores offer the best deals regularly and how your partner discovered this.

3. Invite yourself along on for your partner's next "couponing run" to see them "in action"

Just like you may enjoy demonstrating your skills for your partner's appreciation, in the same way, your partner will likely appreciate the chance to do the same.

You could tag along as an observer or even offer to help out for one week just so you can see what your partner does and how it all works (plus, you never know when you might need to know how to coupon—just in case!).

4. Make a money-saving commitment of your own

One of the best ways to show your gratitude for your partner's couponing is to make a contribution to the family savings, even if you have a different medium of choice to do so.

Ideas for contributing:

  • Match what your partner saves each week through couponing, depositing both of your savings into a joint savings account.
  • Make a resolution to cut your personal spending in an area that will impact the family's bottom line.
  • Identify a different task you can take on to save the family funds—for example, you decide you’ll research energy companies, cell phone/Internet and insurance options annually to be sure you’re getting the best prices.

5. Brag about your partner's couponing to your friends

Bragging about your partner's couponing efforts to friends and peers is one of the best ways to let them know you really notice and appreciate what they do!

Brag-worthy moments:

  • Telling your folks about one of your partner's best savings stories while you’re at dinner together.
  • Sharing with their best friend how much you appreciate your partner's couponing savings.
  • Asking your partner to retell a story where their savings (through couponing) helped you buy a new car/home/start a family.
  • Waiting until your partner is within earshot so you can brag about their efforts to trim your budget so you could finally afford (fill in the blanks here with "that thing you both wanted to do").
  • Mentioning your partner’s favorite couponing apps or stores in casual conversation with others—to show them you’re paying attention when they share their stories with you.


We would love to hear your favorite ways to say "thank you" to a partner who coupons, or sweet ways your non-couponing partner has thanked you—please feel free to share your stories in the comments section below!

5 Ways to Support a Couponing Partner (Even If You Don’t Coupon Yourself)