I’m a relatively easygoing person, but one of my pet peeves is going to my favorite store for a deal and finding the shelf empty. When this happened to me four weeks in a row at Target and the sale items were not available, I decided I to express my frustration! My first question was what’s going on with the items? Is one person clearing the shelf? Is the store not ordering enough stock? If I go the day after the sale starts, I think that expecting the items to be there on their shelf is a reasonable expectation. I decided to use my voice to communicate my concerns to Target, and here’s how I did it!

1. Speak with a store manager

Good luck with this. My main concern at Target was who orders the amount of stock for products that go on sale. The person I spoke to was not the manager (not available), and all the store representative had to say was that the shelves were restocked at night. Okay, not the answer I was looking for!

2. Take the store survey

At the bottom of my receipt was an online survey with a log-in code and password. As soon as I got home, I took the survey. Amazingly, one of the questions asked was whether the item I went to purchase was available. I was able to answer honestly and say “no.” Did I expect to get a response? Not sure. Did I feel like I communicated my concern? Yes!

3. Email the company

Yes, I did that too! I sent an email with my first complaint that the sale items were unavailable at the store. Surprise! I got a response apologizing that the shelves were empty and stating that my concern would be communicated to a manager in charge of ordering. I felt validated!

4. Be part of a customer survey panel

I completed a survey to participate in a panel addressing customer issues for Target. I’m currently awaiting a response to see if I was selected.

5. Be persistent

Be persistent with communicating your concerns with store management. My plan is to keep trying until I get a response either by e-mail, by finding the shelves stocked at my Target, or a response back from my survey!

6. Ask for a rain check

Target will issue rain checks for sale items except those generating gift card promotions, so keep this mind for any future out-of-stock disappointments!
Having an action plan is an important part of the process for couponing as different scenarios arise. Having different choices in how to contact a company gives me satisfaction that my voice can be heard!
6 Tips for Addressing Store Concerns in a Professional Manner