Saving money feels absolutely fantastic, but saving money AND helping others is even better.

I don't always use all of the coupons I clip, but I always can think of someone who would.

These eight ideas can help you help others (and reward good deeds) even as you save your family funds!

1. Keep a stash of fun coupons on hand for your kids when they earn a reward.

I remember when I was growing up, my mom always wanted us to eat really healthy. So when we would get a treat like ice cream—it was really exciting!

If your kids have favorite treats, like French fries or frozen yogurt, why not stockpile a stash of treat coupons they can pick from when they earn a reward? Plus, using a coupon makes treat time much easier to afford!

2. Go shopping with coupon freebies and donate your stash to a family.

One of the best ways to pay it forward with coupons is to make a point of nabbing freebies and low-cost items even when you don't plan to use them—and then gift them to families in need.

Whether you choose to donate to an "adopt-a-family" program in your local community or an online organization like Adopt-a-Box, you can always find civilian and military families who could use a little extra support!

3. Conduct a "coupon drive" through your kids' PTO or PTA to build a crisis stockpile.

If you’re active on the PTO or PTA at your child's school, this is a great opportunity to leverage the power of coupons to help local families in crisis.

There are lots of ways you could organize it, but the key is to have multiple people contributing to the coupon stockpile so you have plenty of cost-cutting resources to use when you shop. Then you can create a stockpile to use if you want to help a family at your school who has a medical or family crisis and needs some extra help. 

4. Put together a coupon basket for new parents—and offer to babysit for their date night.

Coupons are tailor-made for budget date nights, but chances are good that brand-new parents won't have time to gather up coupons for themselves (they’re likely struggling enough just to get some sleep!).

So you can put together a neat coupon basket featuring fun things to do on a date night—discounted or free movie tickets, meals or dessert freebies, spa discounts—and then offer to babysit when the date night comes.

5. Leave spare coupons next to the products they match while you shop.

Here, your careful couponing preparation can help someone else save much-needed funds.

Let's take the new parents from the previous example (see #4). They need to eat, so at some point they have to shop for groceries. But they probably don't have time to coupon—even if they usually use coupons for groceries.

Let's say you have an extra coupon for milk, diapers, or wipes that you don't plan to use. Why not casually place it next to the product for someone else to find and use? It's an easy way to bring a much-needed smile to a stranger's face!

6. Find products that support causes you care about and use their coupons.

TOMS Shoes, LifeStraw, Naked Juice, LightLife, Target, and many other brands use a portion of their profits to support charitable causes.

In this, keep your eyes peeled for coupons that benefit both you and others (for example, the TOMS One for One program supports others by helping someone else whenever you shop with them).

7. Use Good Search to search the web for coupon codes.

Good Search is a browser on a mission—and it has raised more than $11 million for charities to date! Every time you browse the web using Good Search, you can raise 1 penny in funds for your charity of choice.

By using Good Search as your browser, you can search coupons to help your family save and generate money for charities with every search you conduct. You can also use Good Shop to donate to charity when you shop and use coupon codes online.

8. While you clip coupons for your family, clip coupons for someone else on a budget.

Here, your recipient could be an elderly person or couple, a young family with multiple kiddos, a neighbor on a fixed income, a spouse whose partner is serving in the military, or another situation in your community that you’re aware of.

Your mission is easy to accomplish—while you’re doing your regular weekly coupon clipping, just clip for two families instead of one! If you feel shy about handing your selected recipient(s) the coupon envelope face to face, you can just slip it into their mailbox anonymously.

8 Ways to Pay It Forward with Coupons