Before I was a Krazy Coupon Lady, I was a Krazy Coupon Kid. When I was a child, my mom made me clip coupons with her at our kitchen table. I remember loving it, and I also remember my kindergarten teacher asking my mom how I got so good at cutting on the dotted lines during craft time. Like all little girls (and boys), I loved imitating Mommy. And when Mommy is an extreme couponer, this can make for a great opportunity to help kids develop important life skills! Use your child’s interest in your adventures in couponing to teach them various skills such as reading, math, and logical problem solving while also teaching them how to save and respect money!

Depending on his or her age level, there are various ways to involve your child in couponing:

  • If you have a preschooler or kindergartner, this is a wonderful opportunity to teach hand-eye coordination by supervising as they cut coupons. Worried that your coupons might not survive the chop? Print out some coupons that you know you won’t use and teach them how to cut them without damaging the barcode or other important information.
  • Have your young child accompany you to purchase your Sunday papers and check to make sure the inserts are there. If your papers are delivered, have them hunt for the inserts for you.
  • Show your older kids how you organize your coupons. For example, if you save whole inserts and cut at the store, show your kids how you go about preparing your binder and labeling your inserts. Once you get to the store, let them help you by cutting the coupons out for you. If you are like me and do all your separating and cutting ahead of time, then teach your kids your method. I like to make stacks of each insert page, then cut once. Let your kids help you sort each page into its appropriate stack.
  • If you see that your child is really interested or has a real knack for couponing, consider getting them their own binder. This doesn’t have to be nearly as fancy and complicated as yours may be. My seven-year-old is really into couponing, and she can sniff out a deal faster than I can! To encourage this skill, I got her a cute Vera Bradley photo album with a clasp that I found really cheap on sale. The picture sleeves are perfect for her to insert coupons without having to do any folding, allowing her to see the whole coupon. In it, she has coupons for the things that interest her, such as candy, soda, toys and croutons (she eats them like chips!) She never goes anywhere without her ‘binder!’

Involving your kids in your couponing doesn’t have to be stressful. Use their interest in what you do to help the family’s money-saving efforts as well as teach them important skills along the way!

This is a guest post by Abby from Clarksville, TN
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Build Your Children's Skills by Teaching Them How to Coupon