I recently got what I believe might be the “deal of the year” and was glad that I had a little extra cash to spend! As I stopped by my local Kerr drugstore to pick up a birthday card, I discovered that it had been sold to Walgreens. What luck! I saw a sign inside that read, “All American Greetings cards $0.10.” I did a double take and asked the store clerk about the sale. She confirmed it was indeed true, so I happily commenced shopping. I bought 90 cards at ten cents each! So, if each card was an average of $2.99 each at regular price, the total saved was $260—a 96% savings! Was I planning on buying 90 cards? Nope! Did I have an extra $9 in my budget to make this purchase?  Yep! So, being prepared saved me 96%. Here are 5 tips I use to make sure I always catch the “deal of the year!”

Have some cushion in your budget

Having $10 extra in your monthly budget can help you score great deals! I bought enough cards to cover just about every occasion that I’ll need a card for for the next 3 years. I even bought a birthday card for a 100-year-old person! I know that I’ll need that card sometime in my lifetime!

Verify the sale

When you see an almost unbelievable deal, verify it! Another way that I check deals is by using the scanners located in certain stores like CVS and Target.  Make sure that you understand the deal correctly, that it’s worth your time and effort, and that you’ll benefit from the purchase. I bought birthday cards, baby shower cards, anniversary cards, retirement cards and get-well cards that I can use for the next few years. Buying all of those cards at one time for a great price will save me time and money in the future. Another way to verify a deal is when you get to checkout. I used to be really shy about telling the clerk that I didn’t want an item, but not anymore! I ask the clerk to scan the item before she rings it up. Then, if the price isn’t right and it hasn’t been rung up yet, I just say no!

Make sure you have space

My purchase of 90 cards won’t take up much storage room—maybe just one small storage container. I purchased a large quantity that needs little additional storage. This adds up to additional savings in my book. Keep storage capacity in mind before you purchase a large quantity.

Will you use the item?

The reason I feel I got the “deal of the year” by purchasing discounted cards was because I have a large extended family and give a lot of cards during the year. Keeping that in mind, I knew this was a great purchase that I’ll take advantage of every month. If I could only use this item once every six months, it wouldn’t be beneficial to me to make this large-quantity purchase.

How good is the deal?

Suppose you don’t have the money in your budget. Is the deal good enough for you to flex your budget? Saving 96% on a purchase that I’ll definitely use is a no-brainer.

This is a guest post by Tammy from North Carolina. 
How to Ensure You Catch the "Deal of the Year"