If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely a couponer. Or at least want to be a couponer a.k.a. grocery savings expert! We couponers spend a lot of time in grocery and drugstores, and because of this, we of all people should know grocery store etiquette. There are, unfortunately, those who are not considerate of other shoppers. These are the people who act like they’re on a mission and everyone else is in their way. Of course, it’s possible that these consumers are completely unaware of their bothersome tendencies, so I’ve listed five actions to avoid at the grocery store for everyone to read so we can all be aware of a more considerate way to shop.

1. Don’t block aisles

Most of us are in a hurry when we get to the store. We have other things on our minds and are trying to get in and out of the store in a reasonable time while saving money. It’s rude to block an aisle that keeps other shoppers from accomplishing their shopping. Please ensure you aren’t blocking the aisle by checking that you’re doing these things:

  • Pull to your right as close to the shelf as possible while shopping, getting organized, or looking for coupons.
  • Make sure your coupon notebook is not hanging over the side of your cart—someone could bump it.
  • Stay behind your cart instead of beside it. If you stand beside your cart, you’re taking up half the aisle space.
  • If you need a few minutes to review what you’re purchasing, go to an unoccupied spot in the aisle where there aren’t customers.

2. Don’t push your shopping cart like you own the store

  • Look before going out the end of an aisle. Remember, everyone is in a hurry, and you don’t want to run into another cart.
  • Don’t use your shopping cart to cut ahead of someone in order to get a deal. Get a rain check if you don’t get the last item. It’s not worth being unkind to someone just to save a dollar.
  • Be considerate of what’s going on in the store. Maybe a spill occurred and the floor has been mopped. Walking over a mopped floor is impolite and inconsiderate to the person who has done the job!
  • Use the phrase “excuse me” liberally. If lines are backed up at the register and you have to go between people, use this phrase! If you need assistance, use this phrase to get a store employee’s attention.

 3. Don’t hold up the line

  • Have your rewards card, coupons, and method of payment ready when you check out.
  • If you need to do separate orders, let the cashier know at the beginning of your transaction.
  • Let customers with several items go ahead of you if you can. This keeps us in the good graces of other shoppers.
  • Be polite, and if you have a concern or disagreement, keep your voice calm and ask for a manager if needed.

4. Don’t be selfish

  • Give up that parking place closest to the store and let someone else have it. Walking is good for you!
  • Be courteous to other customers. Hold the door, allow them to go ahead of you in the aisle, say “sir” and “ma’am” and “thank you”!
  • Do a good deed! Share a coupon if you see someone buying an item. This happened to me one day and it made me feel very special.
  • If you must wait in line at the deli or butcher counter, be pleasant. The store employees work hard at their job just like you do, and your turn will come. I use this time to check the expiration dates on my coupons.

 5. Don’t have a bad attitude

  • We don’t want to give couponing a bad name. Be kind, unobtrusive, and smile!
  • I love to tell my kids to use their inside voices! Use that same philosophy when shopping. Don’t raise your voice or curse.
  • Thank store employees anytime you ask for their assistance. They’ll remember that!
  • If you must take five people to the store with you, ask them to be considerate and aware of others in the aisles.

This is a guest post by Tammy in North Carolina.

Grocery Store Etiquette: Don't Do These 5 Things!