Drugstores were originally places to pick up your medication. Now you can purchase nearly anything in your neighborhood drugstore—from bathing suits to brooms. The deals you can discover there are wonderfully endless, but make sure to avoid the clever marketing! If you find yourself leaving a drugstore with more items than you originally intended to purchase, read on. Look out for these marketing techniques the next time you shop at your favorite store!

1. Stacking coupons

I love stacking coupons, but you should need or have a use for the item. Many drugstores offer their own coupons which can be used alongside manufacturer coupons. If you need the item, then combining the two will get you a great deal. If not, look out! Stores market certain products to entice you into buying an item you don’t need. If you’re on a strict budget, stay focused and purchase the item you entered the store for and no more unless the deal is too good to pass up!

2. Clearance endcaps

Here's another marketing strategy that gets me pumped. I know where all of the clearance items are located in the drugstores I visit. Clearance sales are great, but make sure you look at the amount of the discount. Just because the product is on clearance doesn’t mean you should buy it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the item discounted 15% or 80%?
  • Do I have a coupon to pair the sale with?
  • Is the item going to be discounted even more in the near future?
  • Do I absolutely need this item?

3. Marketing traps attached to a deal

Recently, one of my favorite deals at CVS involved getting a free gas card with the purchase of select items. I wanted that deal so badly the first time it came out, but I refrained. I just didn't need any of the items that were advertised to get the gas card so I skipped it. Was it hard? Yes. I had plans for that gas card! But, several weeks passed, and the promo came out again. This time, I was able to score some great deals that generated the gas card. By waiting, I was able to take advantage of the promotion by purchasing  items I actually needed. Lesson: don’t be fooled by an awesome promotion. I know it’s exciting, but step back and think about what you’re about to spend your money on.

Don't Fall for These Drugstore Marketing Traps!