You’re at your favorite grocer excitedly waiting in line, hands proudly grasping a stack of coupons you know will save you mucho. The unfamiliar cashier quickly scans through all your products and tallies up the total. As you readily hand her your prepared coupons, her smile turns upside down and regretfully states that not all your coupons can be used. What the…you literally used some of the same coupons last week!

As frustrating as it may be, some stores have trouble consistently accepting and enforcing their own coupon policies.

It’s an all-too-common problem. Help the store get back on track and be consistent and knowledgeable by meeting with the head manager.

Go over the policy and—politely—inquire about the training of employees. Store employees  may be unaware of parts of their policy. Most managers are willing to learn and abide by the written policies after such a discussion.

Print out a copy of the store's coupon policy and bring it along every time you shop at the store. Let the printed policy do the talking in case of snags.

Issues not directly addressed in the policy will be decided by regional offices or the manager at each store location. If things aren’t working out after talking to corporate offices, store managers, and cashiers, try shopping a different location.

Here’s how to request your own copy of the store’s policy.

Inconsistent Coupon Policies: How to Calmly Deal with Them