Saving money is the ultimate goal in couponing! That’s why we can’t let those expiration dates for rewards sneak up on us! Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens rewards will all have different expiration dates, and as busy as life gets, it’s hard to always remember to use them before they expire. Here are three types of products that you can always turn to and spend your rewards on before losing them!

1. Bottled water

When my +Ups are getting ready to expire and there’s nothing really grabbing me on sale that I need, I simply buy cases of store brand water. Typically $2.99 or less, this is a great way to use those bucks before they expire by buying something you really will use!

2. Paper items

This is a great idea because we all need toilet paper and paper towels. These items are frequently on sale anyway and coupons are usually readily available. Paper products are a necessity so are great to buy with expiring ECBs.

3. Clearance items

I’m a clearance end-cap stalker! I look at these items every time I go in a store to see if I have a coupon or to check for an additional discounted price. Use those register rewards to buy clearance items which are priced to sell!

Store rewards are like cash in my pocket! I don’t want to have to throw them away, so buying items I know I’ll use is a great way to ensure I don’t!


3 Types of Products to Purchase When Your Store Rewards Are About to Expire