We’ve told the story of the most costly fake coupon scam in history — and this true story was cinematic enough that it’s headed to the big screen.

Kristen Bell is going to star in the upcoming crime comedy “Queenpins,” now that a studio has bought international rights for it.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that the film is about “a suburban housewife, fed up with being dismissed and overlooked by her husband and society, deciding to take back control of her life by starting an illegal coupon club.”

It’s a big deal in Hollywood; “Queenpins” will be put out by STXfilms, which was behind Bell’s hit film “Bad Moms” as well as another girl-power movie, “Hustlers.”

Vince Vaughn and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (who worked with Bell on her TV shows “Veronica Mars” and “The Good Place”) will also be in it, and Ben Stiller is one of the executive producers.

“Queenpins” is still technically in pre-production, so there’s no telling just yet how long it’ll take for the movie to be finished.

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Kristen Bell's Coupon Crime Movie Is Coming to Theaters