Although I spend a lot of time writing articles for, I’m also a reader! I rely heavily on KCL to find the latest deals, coupons and money-saving tips to keep my family’s budget in line. I also love to check out readers’ brags and see what awesome deals I might have missed! However, KCL is packed with so much information that many readers aren’t aware of all of the awesome features on the site. Not only is KCL a place to find the latest deals, but you can also track your savings, submit deals and even get paid to write your own money-saving articles!

1. Find deals

Let’s start with the number one reason that most people read KCL—to find the latest deals! Many readers simply scan the homepage to see what’s new and, although that’s a great way to check out the newest posts, if that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing out on quite a bit of information. Instead of simply viewing the homepage, go to the tabs at the top of the page instead.


Here you can view deals in a couple of different ways. The first is by store, under the "Stores" tab. This is an awesome tool to use when you’re about to run out to a certain retailer! Every time I head out to my local Safeway to grab milk or run to CVS to pick up a prescription, I make sure to check that store to see what deals have been posted!


The other option is to check out all of the cool non-grocery deals under "Deals." This section includes all of the hottest retail deals from KCL’s readers’ favorite stores such as Crazy 8, REI, Toms, Toys “R” Us and tons more! Although this is one of my favorite sections to read year-round, I find it especially useful when I need a birthday or Christmas gift. In fact, I’ve scored items such as scarfs, toys, sunglasses and shoes for as much as 80% off—all because I checked out the Deals tab at least once a day!

2. Find money-saving tips

Another one of my favorite features of KCL is the vast amount of money-saving tips related to my home, family and just smart shopping in general. I even find budget recipes and fun DIY projects! This is another feature that many readers overlook, so don’t simply check out the homepage—head over to the "Tips" tab, too. Once you’re here, you can check out all the latest tips or select the category that you’re interested in. These include such topics as couponing, money, style, recipes and even tips for beginners, which are full of great information for those of you just getting started with couponing.

3. Use your KCL account to track your savings

So you love to use KCL but you haven’t created an account yet. Maybe you don’t want to bother registering or you don’t think it’s worth the effort. Think again! If you’re not using your personal account, you are definitely missing out on some seriously cool features. By creating an account on, which only takes a few seconds, you’ll be given the ability to track your savings with their savings tool (along with lots of other features). This easy-to-use tracker allows you to input information from your receipts and keep a running tab of your savings. You can even share it on Facebook and brag to all of your friends! Additionally, I’ve actually found this tool useful when I start slacking on my couponing. Once I see how much I’m NOT saving, I find myself re-motivated to get back in the game! To get all the details and find out exactly how to track your savings, check out KCL’s YouTube video on how to track your savings.

4. Submit a deal

Another feature that you’re missing out on without an account is the ability to submit a deal. After all, KCL is made possible by all of the fabulous readers that send in newfound deals! I know I appreciate those who share their hot finds, so I try to help out the other readers and share what I find! Submitting a deal only takes a few seconds, and you’ll even get credit on KCL if your deal is published! To find exactly how to submit a deal, check out this quick YouTube video.

5. Create a shopping list

If your kitchen looks anything like mine used to, you probably have scraps of paper with grocery lists all over the place! Before I created a KCL account, I used to scribble the deals that I wanted to get on any piece of paper or napkin that I could find! Sound familiar? Instead of rummaging through unorganized lists, use your KCL account to create a shopping list! When you’re checking out deals on KCL, you may have noticed small boxes next to each item. If you have an account, you can simply check the boxes for the items that you want to get, and it will automatically save them to your list! Print your list and you’re good to go! Check out Heather and Joanie’s video to get the details and see exactly how a list gets made.

6. Comment on posts

Ever find yourself confused about a deal or a coupon? It happens to all of us from time to time. But if you tend to just skip over that deal because you’re unsure of something, you may be missing out on a potentially awesome find. Instead, use your new KCL account to make comments and ask questions. Help other readers with their questions, or post your excitement over that scorching hot toilet paper deal you just spotted! Get all the details on how to make comments with your KCL account here.

7. Use your account to brag

Let’s face it, everyone loves to brag—especially when you nab a cart full of goodies for 40%, 50% or even 90% off the retail price! And as a reader, I can say this is one of my favorite sections to read. I love seeing what other readers’ scored on their shopping trips! And not only is it fun to brag, but it definitely helps out other readers. In fact, I know that when I see an awesome brag, I head out to the store to get the same haul! Next time you have a great trip to your local store, snap a picture before putting those goodies away and head over here to find out exactly how to upload your brag using your KCL account.

8. Print coupons

As a Krazy Coupon Lady, one of the most important aspects to my shopping is printing coupons! Although I use newspaper coupons when I can, I find that I use printables just as much—if not more. But if you’re trying to hunt down printables for deals that you see on KCL, you’re wasting your time! Instead of trying to find coupons on or other sites, head over to the Coupons tab from the KCL homepage. Many people don’t realize it, but KCL actually provides all of the coupons that you’ll need to complete any deal that they feature, essentially doing all of the work for you! You’ll not only find the direct link to print these coupons but you also have the ability to search for coupons, which is a great tool if you need a product and don’t know if there is a coupon available. You can also scroll through the coupons alphabetically if you just want to check and see what’s out there!


This article was written by Natasha, one of our regular contributors. To submit articles to KCL and get paid, watch this YouTube video or email your article to!


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