Since I started couponing three years ago, I’ve learned so much about how to save money. I’ve found that I can use my experiences to improve my skills, even if I repeat a mistake more than once. Fine-tuning my skills makes me more efficient, better organized, and helps me capitalize on my experiences to improve my couponing finesse.

Use each experience to improve 

I’m a positive thinker! I see the glass half full, not half empty. So, if I conduct a transaction and make a couple of mistakes, I pat myself on the back and keep going. Even with mistakes, I’m still saving money! With each transaction, I strive to get better and better. I devise a plan to make sure I don’t repeat the mistake again. For instance, I’ve had to work really hard not to be intimidated by people waiting in line behind me. If I’m feeling rushed, I tend to make mistakes. Today I was in Rite Aid getting some great deals on clearance. Before I went to checkout, I had all of my coupons matched to the sale items, my ad-perk coupons ready, and my +Up all in-hand. There was only one person in line behind me, but since I had all of my sale items organized, the coupons matched perfectly and there were no delays in my transaction. Improving my organizational skills has helped me feel less rushed and have better control of the transaction. Believe me, the smoothness of this transaction was admirable in comparison to the bumbling newbie I used to be!

Take an imperfect transaction and learn from it

I once completed a transaction at Target and forgot to use my Cartwheel deals. What I should’ve done was check my receipt before leaving the store, but I was running late and needed to get to an appointment, so I didn’t follow my usual routine. The lesson learned from this experience may be to have a printed list of my Cartwheel deals just in case I forget to use my phone. Or, I may need to have my phone in my hand at the Target checkout, which I would’ve done if I hadn’t had to go back to get the correct deal which threw off my concentration! Taking a problem and finding a solution makes me a better couponer and improves my efficiency.

I’m a goal setter and a positive thinker—if I can improve a process then I pat myself on the back!
This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC. 
Practice Makes Perfect in the Couponing World