Do you ever do something and then wish you could immediately take it back? I’ve felt this way with coupons. In the past, I’ve tried to stretch my computer ink or take shortcuts, and it has caused big problems when it comes time to redeeming them at the register. One week, I decided to print several pages of coupons from and cut them all out in batches. It wasn’t until I was at the register that I realized that I had cut off part of the expiration date on one of the coupons. When I tried to use it, the store clerk caught my error. I immediately apologized, took the coupon back, then trashed it. Since then, I’ve learned from my mistakes and live by the tips listed below when it comes to printable coupons.
  •  Be careful that all of the pertinent writing is intact on the coupon. Don’t batch cut!
  •  Make sure all of the barcode is intact
  •  Don’t print coupons when your printer ink is almost empty because dates and bar codes may not be legible.

This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, North Carolina. 


Printable Coupons: 3 Tips to Ensure They're Redeemable at Checkout