If you’ve turned your back on couponing, whatever your reason is, we think it’s time you give it another shot.

Here’s why:


1. KCL does the coupon matchups so you don’t have to.

Download the KCL app to save time on maximizing your savings. There’s no more needing to search for the best deal – they’re all right here.


2. You can print coupons if you hate newspaper inserts.

Skip the newspaper completely, and print the coupons you want instead. Search KCL’s massive coupon library by category, brand, or specific product.

Or hit up the “Printable Only” section of the Krazy Coupon Lady website!


3. Ibotta makes it amazingly easy to get cash back on purchases.

Did you know Ibotta has more coupon offerings than Coupons.com? Yep.

Ibotta is ideal for the deal-lover who struggles with coupons.

Upload a photo of your receipt to earn money on select items. While you’re at it, find out the 7 Ways I Use Ibotta to Save an Extra $500 Per Year.


4. The deals are still hot!

It’s a huge misconception that you can’t score the same killer deals today as you could in 2011. These deals are proof:



5. More limits on coupons means you’re less likely to run into empty shelves.

Sure, limits might bug you when you’re trying to create a stockpile.

But ultimately, limits mean you won’t be excited for a deal only to find that you missed out, because there’s going to be plenty on the shelves still.


6. Grocery store apps make “clipping” coupons a breeze.

Clip digital coupons on your grocery store’s app to make couponing (almost) completely effortless.

These grocery store apps link coupons right to your store loyalty card with one click or generate a barcode that’ll be scanned during checkout:


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7. You can get coupons on social media and in email newsletters, not just in the newspaper or coupons.com.

The days of the coupon quest are gone.

Besides being able to easily print coupons, you can find them when you sign up for retailer emails, on company websites, by following companies on social media, and more. (Not to mention all of the awesome rebate apps that’ll save you money.)

Coupons are even in doctors’ offices, in airport waiting areas, and other weird (or unlikely) places.


8. You can still get freebies and moneymakers when you coupon.

Maybe you gave up couponing because you weren’t seeing as big of a savings as you hoped.

But you can’t argue with free.

These are some of the free deals that recently appeared on KCL:



9. Couponing has expanded into retail and restaurant deals.

Your grocery game may be experiencing temporary coupon fatigue, but did you know that you can also get coupon-like savings on basically everything?

Here are three good reasons to coupon again: saving at restaurants, pet deals, and saving on your wardrobe. (Check out 43 Must-Read Macy’s Store Hacks.)


10. Couponing can help increase your personal savings account or help pay off your mortgage and student loans.

A motivation makeover can get you swooning over coupons again.

Think of it like this: every coupon you use represents money you’re not spending on everyday things. This can be deposited into your savings account or spent on debt instead!

A recent survey shows 34% of Americans have zero in savings, and 35% have less than $1,000. Jump out of that statistic this year by depositing all your coupon savings!


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10 Reasons to Start Couponing Again If You've Given Up