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Target’s Dollar Spot always — I mean, always — has coordinating items you can mix and match into the perfect gift for any occasion.

So while the items featured in the Dollar Spot may change, you can still use this list as inspiration to create your own unique gifts for under $20.

Tell us which of these 15 inexpensive gift ideas we made using Targets Dollar Spot is your favorite!

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1. Mother’s Day gift basket

Target’s Dollar Spot (sometimes called Bullseye’s Playground) typically offers cute buckets or baskets for a few bucks. Grab your favorite and fill it with two to four items you know your momma will love. Add a gift tag and you’re set.

  • Bucket: $3.00
  • Power pack (portable charger): $5.00
  • Glass mug: $3.00
  • Coupon book: $3.00
  • TOTAL: $14.00


2. Movie lover’s gift basket

Add microwave popcorn and candy to a reusable popcorn bucket. You could stop there — ’cause who wouldn’t love that — or throw in a gift card or $5 DVD.

Perfect for birthdays, Father’s Day, a thank you, or whatever floats your boat.

  • Popcorn baskets: $2.00 ($1.00/each)
  • Candy: $2.00 ($1.00/each)
  • Popcorn: $3.59 for box of six (I put two bags in one basket)
  • Gift card: your choice
  • TOTAL: $5.50+ gift card


3. Wedding or bridal shower baking set

I found the cake stand and tea towel from the Dollar Spot but grabbed the cake mix, icing, and cupcake liners in the baking aisle. I wrapped everything up in cellophane and tied it with a ribbon, making a sweet gift for around $10.

  • Cake stand: $5.00
  • Tea towel: $1.00
  • Betty Crocker cake mix: $1.29
  • Icing: $1.59
  • Cupcake liners: $1.49
  • TOTAL: $10.37


4. Desk set for a graduate, college student, or your friend who landed their dream job

You can almost always find planners and stationery in the Dollar Spot. Gather a few color-coordinating items together, tie with a ribbon, and you’ve got an inexpensive desktop gift set.

  • Planner with inserts: $5.00
  • Sticker pack: $3.00
  • Zipper pouch: $1.00
  • Pencils: $1.00
  • TOTAL: $10.00



5. Zen garden bundle for teachers, a thank you, or your sick BFF

This one is simple but hands-down my favorite gift because it’s so versatile. You could give this to a teacher with a gift tag saying “Thank you for helping me grow,” or it works just as well as a pick-me-up for your sick coworker or friend.

Pair it with a candle as the cherry on top!

  • Candle: $5.00
  • Succulent: $3.00
  • TOTAL: $8.00


6. Travel bundle for hard-to-shop-for teens

Fill a travel cup with “goodies” any teen would love. Throw in a gift card, or make it simple with lip gloss or lip balm, nail polish, and gum.

  • Cup: $3.00
  • Lip balm: $2.79 (for three) or $0.93 for one
  • Nail polish: $2.49
  • Gum: $0.99
  • Gift card: your choice
  • TOTAL: $7.50 + gift card


7. Housewarming bundle

The Dollar Spot is always filled with seasonal goodies when the weather starts turning. So when the weather gets warm, throw together a garden gift for a new homeowner, a friend who loves gardening, or a friend who wants to learn.

  • Watering pail: $5.00
  • Garden gloves: $3.00
  • Shovel: $1.00
  • Rake: $1.00
  • Flamingo: $1.00
  • TOTAL: $11.00


8. Mother’s Day bundle or birthday gift

Hanging picture frames, mirrors, or framed quotes are staples in the Dollar Spot. Use the mirror as a tray to place the other gifts on top of, then wrap it up with cellophane and a ribbon.

  • Glass frame: $3.00
  • Jewelry dish: $3.00
  • Mirror: $3.00
  • TOTAL: $9.00


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9. Stationery jar for a teacher or tween

Grab a jar and fill it with pencils, erasers, and a notepad or thank you cards. Or, use that jar and fill it with kids’ toys for a fun and inexpensive birthday gift.

  • Pink glass jar: $3.00
  • Pencils: $1.00
  • Erasers: $1.00
  • Notepad: $1.00
  • TOTAL: $6.00


10. Kids’ beach bag bundle

I really hate wrapping odd-shaped items, but I also hate spending $4 on a gift bag that will be thrown out.

My favorite Dollar Spot trick is using a canvas bag (which you can almost always find) and “wrapping” the gift in that!

  • Beach towel: $5.00
  • Sandcastle pails: $3.00
  • Sunglasses: $1.00
  • Canvas bag: $3.00
  • TOTAL: $12.00


11. Hostess gift for a summer BBQ

Last year, Target had watermelon dishes, and this year they stepped out with pineapple dishes! The best way to give the dish as a gift is to play up the seasonal theme. Pick out items that fit within a theme, and give those in one of the adorable dishes as a kind of “gift basket.”

  • Pineapple dish: $5.00
  • Cactus ice pop molds: $3.00
  • Pineapple string lights: $3.00
  • Drink floaty: $1.00
  • Cactus sculpture: $1.00
  • TOTAL: $13.00



12. Spa day bundle for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or a close friend

Fill a jar from the Dollar Spot with a few spa-like items (not found in the dollar section). Give this to Mom or a close friend to encourage relaxation.

  • Glass jar: $5.00
  • Nail polish: $2.49
  • Nail file: $1.29 for two ($0.64 for one)
  • Bath sponge: $1.99
  • Nail polish remover: $0.99
  • TOTAL: $11.11


13. Housewarming or summer hostess gift

Find cute cups and mugs, then place them in a tray. Throw in a bottle of rosē to complete your summer hostess gift.

  • Drink tray: $5.00
  • Pitcher: $3.00
  • Plastic cups: $4.00
  • Pineapple straws: $1.00
  • TOTAL: $13.00


14. Preschool graduation gift

Chalkboards in the home are the newest trend, and you can usually find one in the Dollar Spot. Keep an eye out for a cute chalkboard and pair it with a pack of chalk.

  • Chalkboard: $3.00
  • Chalk: $1.00
  • TOTAL: $4.00


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15. Birthday or graduation gift

Another example of how a canvas bag can make the cutest gift bag — like, ever. Fill the bag with goodies like a letter board, water bottle and candle.

  • Letter board: $5.00
  • Water bottle: $5.00
  • Candle: $3.00
  • Canvas bag: $3.00
  • TOTAL: $16.00

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15 Inexpensive Gift Ideas from Target's Dollar Spot