I just love finding deals and discounts. I especially love it when those deals and discounts are for the organic bath & body, household cleaning, candles and scents I so enjoy. Read on to find out how to score deals, coupons, and discounts from each of these brands!

6 Truly amazing organic companies I love 

Discounts, coupons and deals are listed as currently offered.

1. Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Bronner's is a castile soap (olive oil and sodium hydroxide) icon. Recommended by everyone from Oprah to new moms, Dr. Bronner's is the household name that still offers deals, coupons and discounts every month—and dilutes to do just about anything on a dime.

Save 15% now on three of Dr. Bronner’s most popular scented castile soaps!

2. Yes To

I first discovered the "Yes To" brand during my brand ambassador days. They hired me to promote their new "Yes to Carrots" line. I still did it—even after I discovered they wanted me to dress up all in bright orange and pose with strangers in a shopping mall. But six years later (long after my orange wear went to Goodwill) I still love their products!

The “Yes To” Clubs are not just easy to save with—they are fun-loving too!

3. Eco Lips

I just discovered this awesome (amazing, wonderful, divine) new lip balm at Whole Foods called "Eco Lips." It only cost me $1.69 for a giant tube even at full price. And yet on their website they list deals and specials—and you can even build your own organic lip balm—fun!

Eco Balm’s monthly deal e-newsletter offers much more than “lip service!”

4. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

I love, love, love Mrs. Meyers. I am slowly converting over to their soaps and household cleaners, so I was quite happy to see they have deep discounts on sale items online!

Score up to 50% savings with Mrs. Meyers’ ongoing warehouse sales!

5. Bambeco

Bambeco offers a selection of organic, sustainable living products, including delicious scented soy candles, a sweet selection of herbs and garden plants and even recyclable, eco-friendly pet treats and care items.

Save 15% just for signing up for the free email list!


6. Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia has an amazing line of bath salts, and I also just love their aromatherapy. They are part of a family of organic brands that also includes Frontier Co-Op and Simply Organic.

Score $1 off coupons for essential oils, bubble bath and skin care oils!


6 Discounts for Organic Bath, Body & Home Care Products