I love being a savings machine! I would sit, clip, file, organize, and send in rebates so diligently, like my school grade counted on it. It's a hobby I have enjoyed for years, and I’ve adapted it as part of my lifestyle. However, I must admit, I have felt alone and confused as to why anyone would criticize what I choose to do with my time. I have encountered remarks, disbelief, discouragement, and sneers towards what seemed to them as too much effort for so little savings. Oh, if they only knew.

How can I get them to know? Over time, I have devised strategies and set personal goals to expose onlookers to couponing and its possibilities. Beside teaching classes and referring them to TheKrazyCouponLady.com, I believe actions speak louder than words, so I put myself into action.

Be a Shopping Motivator

Once a month, I invite a Coupon Virgin to go shopping with me to help dispel any couponing nervousness. With coupons in hand, which have been clipped for them to ease the process, I will gladly assist in selecting product specific merchandise. When it is time to head to the registers, I glance over cashiers and select one I'm familiar with.  I give the coupons to the Coupon Virgin so she can directly give them to the cashier. I will be the "voice" and support if there are any issues. My hope is to let her experience the motions of the process. If all goes well: Success! We may have a new addition to our Coupon Community!

Show Em' What You Got

Couponing allows me to stock up on various items for free or nearly free. When there are things I know my co-workers and friends would enjoy eating or using, such as snacks, lotion, deodorant, or shave gel, I bring the items to work and place them in common areas with a sign that simply states, "Enjoy!" Most of the time, I remain anonymous and revel in knowing that people are enjoying the free stuff. Who wouldn't want free bottles of lotion and treats? It goes to show that, as much as people feel couponing takes too much time, they like free stuff!

Take Personal Requests

I ask inquiring minds about brand name items they normally use. I usually get a list of a few thing, and when I see a great match up (sale, coupon, and rewards) I buy those items! Knowing that I paid a fraction of the price for the items, I give it to them with a happy heart. Additionally, with the ability to buy large quantities of the items in one shopping trip, it often shocks and surprises them. When asked how much they owe me, I respond, "Don't worry about it." From there on the conversation about couponing is only positive, attention-grabbing, and compelling.

Be a Friend to the Coupon Community

Whenever I come across a post requesting coupons another region/area may not have, I immediately respond and offer to send some. Forget Ebay! As part of the Coupon Community, and considering all I have saved, the cost of a stamp to support other couponers to "save" is worth it. We need to take care of others as KCL has taken care of us! Furthermore, it's a great way to network and develop a "Coupon Buddy" in another region.

Can you imagine the endless possibilities with the exposure of couponing? We help others save money, create awareness, brighten people's days with unexpected free stuff, encourage greater amounts of donations to be made, and make friends. My choice to be active in the Coupon Community has fully created a sense of peace, comfort, and empowerment. GO, KRAZIES!!!

This has been a guest post by Tina from San Jose, CA
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