One of the most popular ways for a store to offer a deal is with multiples — for example, buy 10 for $10.

What they don’t tell you is that you don’t always have to buy multiples to get the deal!

Look, there’s a time to buy lots, and a time to get easy savings. I’ll help you figure out which is which.


When it says 10 for $10 (or 5 for $5) it almost always means each item costs $1.

Unless it says that you must buy a certain amount of something to get the deal, you can count on each item being $1 on their own.

The same goes for items marked 3 for $5 ($1.67 each) or 5 for $6 ($1.20 each) and on and on.


If you see multiple prices listed, pay special attention — you’ll probably have to buy more than 1 of an item.

Sometimes there will be multiple prices listed on the tag. When this happens, read carefully.

Kroger and its affiliates frequently have promos where you must buy a certain number of items in order to score the deal, like their Buy 5, Save $5 event.

They’ll also have a traditional sale on many of the items at the same time. So you can buy one at the sale price, or buy multiples to get the best price.



Look closely at the language on the sign.

If you have to buy a certain amount (like the Kroger Buy 5, Save $5) then the signs will tell you. Read carefully.

On a Kroger tag, it is clearly stated (in tiny letters) that the “final cost” is when you buy multiples of 5.

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Look at the words (not the picture) when using coupons on multiples.

If you come across a coupon that states you must buy two or more of a product to get the deal, read it carefully — you probably don’t have to buy multiples of the exact same product to get the deal.

Ignore the picture on the coupon and focus on the fine print. Chances are you have options in size and variety.

Take a look at more of our tips on coupon fine print over here.



When in doubt, ask an employee.

Don’t be shy if you don’t understand the wording. If their signs are confusing then it’s on them to clarify.

Don’t get stuck paying more than you expect or buying more than you need!


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