1. Download the KCL app to find deals on the go.


Create shopping lists right in the KCL app and access them in the store! No more missing deals because you’re not near a computer—or pen and paper.

Get the KCL app for iPhones here.

Get the KCL app for Androids here.

2. Decide how much time you want to spend couponing and stick to it.

You may only want to spend 15 minutes for each shopping trip, and it’s totally possible! Set time limits for yourself and tell yourself you’re on a mission. This will force you to organize your coupons and lists beforehand—and help you avoid impulse shopping.

3. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for their coupon inserts.

Instead of spending precious time searching around for more coupon inserts, just ask the people you know if you can have the coupons they don’t plan on using. Or, make a trade. For example, I sometimes give my neighbor all the magazines my family is done reading in exchange for her Sunday inserts. If you have family that lives out of state, even better! Have them send you their coupons and take advantage of a different region’s discounts!

4. Use the filing box method to organize coupons.

Instead of clipping individual coupons, just file entire inserts (or insert pages) by date. At KCL, we'll tell you which insert has the coupon you need for a deal:

(SS = Smart Source, RP = Red Plum, PG = Procter & Gamble)

See our instructional video here.

5. Only shop at the stores you know.

I know where pretty much everything is at the Target and Walgreens down the street from my office, allowing me to get in and out quickly. Plus, they’re both on my way home, which means I can coupon at both stores every day and not have to worry about spending extra money on gas. Choose the stores you coupon at based on sales, location, and how friendly the staff is.

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6. Set aside one night to organize and clip coupons for shopping trips.

I usually choose Sunday night to clip coupons, review sales papers, and make a shopping list for the week. It’s also a great time to check the expiration dates of coupons stored in your binder or file folder.

7. Use KCL’s search function to quickly find the printable coupons you need.

After you write your weekly grocery list, click on “Coupons” in the KCL app or on your desktop to search for individual products and brands. We have a database of over 4,000 free grocery coupons that’s updated every hour!

8. Ask questions if you can’t find an item right away.

Don’t wander down every aisle in search of a single product. If you’re unfamiliar with a store’s layout or aren’t sure if you can use a coupon, ask an employee right away. The item may be out of stock or just hiding in the stockroom.

9. Have the store’s coupon policy saved to your phone in case you run into any issues.

Some cashiers—especially new ones—may not be completely familiar with their store’s coupon policy. Find your store’s policy here and be prepared to quickly reference it in case there’s ever an issue. Just remember to be patient with new employees if they are new and unaware!

10. Bring your coupons with you wherever you go.

I’ve missed several sales because I left my coupons at home only to discover a great deal on the go. Now, my coupons go with me everywhere. Even if you don’t plan to go to a store when you’re out, leave your coupons in your car just in case!

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