Oh, the things that come out of our mouths when something gets in the way of a deal! If you’re new to couponing, you may have found some of the phrases below exiting your own mouth. Don’t worry, though! With practice comes perfection. In the meantime, if you can indeed relate to these statements (or are even confused by them), try reading the tips below each phrase to learn some helpful tricks.

10 Things Every New Couponer Says

1. “If you don’t plan on using those coupons, can I have them?!”
Here’s How to Print More Coupons and Get More Deals

2. “That cashier just gave me the evil eye.”
We suggest you Go with the Happy Cashier for a Trouble-Free Checkout


3. “OMG, I left my coupon binder in the buggy!”
Losing all your coupons is horrible! So…Don’t Lose Your Coupon Binder! Follow These 7 Preventative Tips

4. “I need to return this; I overpaid by $0.50!”
Check out 7 Tips to Ensure Correct Transactions at Checkout

5. “What the heck is a ‘filler’ item?”

See this week’s filler items at Walgreens for deals and explanation.


6. “Yes, I was just at Target yesterday.”

So were we! Target deals are awesome!


7. “I thought I was organized until I started couponing!”

Have you tried using your phone? The Easiest Way to Use Your Mobile Phone for Coupon Organization


8. “What do you mean we have enough toothpaste?”
Did You Know Your Toothpaste Stockpile Could Do All This? a.k.a. you can never have enough.

9. “I’ll be home when I get this last deal at Walgreens!”
Careful—don’t get burned out! 5 Signs of Couponing Fatigue and What to Do

10. “Is that lady staring at my coupon binder?”
She’s in awe of your savings! Be a Proud Couponer!

10 Things Every New Couponer Says